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Pastor wrecks marriage

by Staff reporter
20 Mar 2017 at 06:02hrs | Views

AN Apostolic Faith Mission pastor's WhatsApp love messages with a married woman employed as a domestic worker have triggered the collapse of her marriage.

Pastor Samson Mucheche, 60, of Goromonzi is alleged to have wrecked the marriage of David Chimujakazi, and his congregant Linda Mutete, 27.

The messages were discovered a month ago when David went through Linda's mobile phone.

Pastor Muchenje failed to solve marital problems faced by David and Linda and according to the WhatsApp chats the man of cloth now wants to marry Linda who is now staying at his rural home while working there.

"Pastor Muchenje is so cruel, I thought he was after solving our marital problems with my wife unaware that he wanted to have sex with her," said David.

He added:

"He was supposed to consider his age, dignity and responsibility. He fooled me into thinking he was after helping us when he was the wolf in a sheep's skin.

"Pastor Muchenje took my wife to his village in Goromonzi as if he was helping her to earn a living only to discover from my wife's mobile phone that he was after having sex with her.

"Instead of sending inspirational Bible scriptures, he would post indecent photographs and sexually suggestive messages luring my wife to have sex with him.

"Mai Mufundisi is not aware that my wife is in love with her husband and what hurt me most is that he pretended showing love to me and my two kids when he was after destroying my marriage.

"As we speak, my wife is staying at his village house where he visits frequently leaving his wife at the church stand where he is ministering," said David.

Linda denied cheating with Pastor Muchenje saying the WhatsApp conversations were only jokes she was sharing with the man of God.

"I am no longer married to David, I only shared jokes with Pastor Muchenje on his WhatsApp, I have since separated with David because he was so abusive," said Linda.

"Pastor's wife is not around she was rushed to hospital where she was admitted and I cannot give you her contact," said Linda before hanging the phone.

Contacted for comment, Pastor Muchenje demanded to know who disclosed the messages saying David should confront him over the messages and not the media.

"Who gave you the chats, what wrong have I done to take Linda to my village, to me she is like a widow under my care along with my wife," said Pastor Muchenje.

"If it is true that you have the chats it is better for me to order Linda to leave my house nekuti hazvingaite zvakanaka.

"You are not her husband to ask me if I am in love with Linda, who gave you the chats?" asked Pastor Muchenje.
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