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Man beds sangoma's wife, falls victim to 'runyoka'

by Staff reporter
20 Mar 2017 at 06:04hrs | Views

A BID to have his wife back backfired for a Beatrice man when he allegedly fell victim to ‘runyoka'.

According to a disputed version of events, the victim bedded a wife to a man he believed was a traditional healer and is now struggling to report for work.

Samson Vhere, 37, claims that he was ordered by Lucky Pirito, 45, to engage in sex with the sangoma's wife in a bid to bring back his wife of 15 years, who had left him.

Pirito dismissed the claims saying Vhere was out to tarnish his image.

"I did not know him (Vhere) and I agree that he approached me seeking advice on how he could make his wife return.

"Ini handisi n'anga uye handizive zvemushonga zvaari kutaura; he came to me thinking I could help him and he kept pestering me.

"My wife is 40-years-old and she cannot agree to do something like that.

"Vhere also claims he gave me US$20 kuti ndimurape but in handirape.

"Kungodawo kurerutsa zita rangu nemukadzi wangu," he said.

Pirito's wife also refuted the claims saying it was a cooked up story which she was not part of.

"I don't know anything about this issue, probably Vhere has a grudge with my husband and he wants to tarnish our image.

"Handitomuzive uye handizive kuti akamira sei," she said.

Vhere said he approached Pirito seeking advice on how he could make his wife return to him after she left him last year.

"I approached him and after a short conversation I started to tell him my situation.

"Pirito told me he could help me since he was a sangoma and he said I had to pay US$20 for the service.

"I gave him the money; he gave me something that looked like ashes and said I should sleep with a woman so that it could work," he said.

"He asked me if I had a girlfriend and I told him that I did not have.

"Prito then said he would talk to his wife so that she could help me sexually for the juju to work.

"That same day after some time, Pirito told me I should enter into one of his rooms and engage in sex with his wife.

"He was around and I had sex with his wife three times," he narrated.

Vhere claims that after the act he had back ache and he said he suspects that Pirito together with his wife tricked him.

"After the incident, I had a backache and sometimes it is so painful. I strive to go to work so that I can earn a living but I am in pain.

"I did not get any medication but I went back to him, telling him about the backache he said that is how it works.

"I told him that I wanted my money back but he said he could not refund me," he said.

Source - hmetro

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