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Great things will soon begin to happen to the nation of Mthwakazi, says Mzilikazi 2

by Thulani Nkala
26 Mar 2017 at 15:16hrs | Views

A historic event just took place in Bulawayo on the 25th March 2017, such a historic event is rare and it will take generations and generations to happen again, maybe never again. Hundreds of people gathered at Inxwala grounds for uMthontiso ceremony which was presided by Raphael Stanley Khumalo better known as HRM King Mzilikazi 2. Such a ceremony was last presided over by King Lobengula Khumalo, 123 years ago.

uMthontiso is a cultural ceremony of significant importance in uMthwakazi nation, which by culture should always be presided over by a King, Mzilikazi 2 explained the origin and basis of umthontiso as follows "Now the festival of the first fruits. Exodus 23:19; 34:26. The idea of the festival of first fruits is not a human idea, but it was initiated by God. God instructed the Children of Israel to offer to Him the first fruits of their harvest before utilising them. They were instructed to choose the best of the crop for this offering. This represented the whole harvest and meant that they were acknowledging that all things belong to God and come to us as a gift from Him who is also the Sole Giver of rain. It also was a sign of humility on their part and gave God opportunity to bless the people with all other blessings including good health, wealth and protection".

Since the destruction of the Mthwakazi Kingdom and dislodging of King Lobhengula Khumalo from the throne the Ndebele people have always yearned for a King and efforts have been done in pursuit of their ultimate aspiration, but until now this has been an elusive dream.

A rubicon was crossed yesterday, be it a physical or a psychological one, many people have been doubting that the revival of the Mthwakazi kingdom can be done successfully in their life time, but yesterday's event has reframed many people's minds and decluttered their doubts empowering them with hope and zeal for a fully revived Mthwakazi kingdom.

In cementing the vision and mission at hand Mzilikazi 2 said "Yes, my presence here today marks the victory and the freedom and the restoration of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi that I declared at GADADE on November 5, 2016".

Change can be revolutionary on its own, just a few years ago nobody gave a fully independent state of Mthwakazi a chance. They doubted that Mugabe and cabal would give them their freedom until they realised that their freedom is their responsibility, they need to demand it by force otherwise it shall never be handed over to them on a platter. The mystic change is in the air, it is palatable, invocative and enticing, those who doubted are starting to shift from being doubting Thomases to explorers and supporters of the idea and the ideal. The journey of discovery or rediscovery as a nation is upon us and we all know that this journey cannot be stopped or diverted indefinitely by anyone.

Now listen to what Mzilikazi 2 prophetically foretold yesterday "Great things will soon begin to happen to this nation of Mthwakazi that will not only shock the world, but will also very much shock even you the citizens. The lives of the people, their economy and their country will change for the better within a record time".

Mthwakazi has known misery since 1896 any promise of a new prosperous life is welcome. Mthwakazians trust themselves, they know they can be the best in Africa, with a clean government. When our neighbours at the North start stabbing each other, Mthwakazi's borders will be wide open to provide them with a place of safety.

In the meanwhile, Stanley Raphael Khumalo informed the gathering that he would be coronated this year before the rains.

Source - Thulani Nkala