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'Thumbs up uLoyiko, for the job well done'

by Stephen Jakes
27 Mar 2017 at 05:48hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has hail;ed the ULoyiko theatre group on its fight for the empowerment of Mthwakazi.

ULoyiko  presented its play during the protest against genocide which took place in South Africa last week.

Party's president Mqondisi Moyo said  said he acknowledges the great work being done by ULoyiko theatre group on their fight for the emancipation of Mthwakazi struggle.

"Uloyiko group reminds the Mthwakazi people of the Zapu-ANC and Zipra-Umkhonto wesizwe relationship they had during the liberation struggle against white supremacy. Indeed these two liberation movements together with their military wings shared a lot in the fight for the independence of the two countries. I quote the former Ian Douglas Smith regime commander general Peter Walls, "if I can get an army like Zipra and Umkhonto Wesizwe I can conquer Africa from Cape to Cairo within a short space of time.  Indeed it was through the prowess of these determined military wings in conjunction with their mother political parties and that resulted in General Walls admiring them," he said.

"The contributions by uLoyiko cannot go unnoticed by Mthwakazi Republic Party and Umthwakazi at large. Our cause has been put through the international radar your determination and courage to stand with Mthwakazi people during their time of oppression and neo-colonisation by our erstwhile blacks since the so-called independence which has never benefitted our mthwakazi people but rather has brought misery and turmoil to our innocent people who continue to be treated as second class citizens in their mothers land."

He said Mthwakazi people have lost their identity through the implementation of the satanic 1979 grandplan being implemented by shona people from all spheres of life, from politics to church.

"We appreciate the well done and comprehensive interview by Uloyiko group on ANN7 Television on Friday the 17th of March 2017. We further appreciate and send our gratitude to Uloyiko group for successful hosting the much awaited 380 degrees demo held at Johannesburg on the 21st of March 2017.  For starters it was the beginning of great things to come for the people of Mthwakazi," he said.

 "Indeed this marked the day when our Mthwakazi struggle has been internationalised. On my behalf, Mthwakazi Republic Party and Mthwakazi people at large across the globe we say "bravo Uloyiko". We salute you!.  We hold you high, you have been the missing link that Mthwakazi people have been waiting for hence our insistence that you remind us of the relations that zapu-ANC and Zipra- Umkhonto Wesizwe had regardless of the fact that our battle is no longer an armed struggle but a struggle of brains. Our history and victory for us and the generations to come won't be enough without the mention of you."

He said it is his promise to the people of Mthwakazi and the world at large that the Mthwakazi's fight for  independence is unstoppable.

"To those who think and feel that our cause is not achievable should start to smell the coffee because no amount of arrests, persecutions and killings will deter our people to fight for their noble and worth cause.  We even warn and remind our Mthwakazi people who wine and dine with our oppressors that the blood of our departed ones will haunt them for the rest of their lives," he said.

"The time is now!.  We are the generation to write our own history even for the coming generations. As a parting shot we also encourage our people not to engage in this regime change mantra and focus more on our Restoration Agenda. For starters Ndebeles did not contribute to the anointing of Mugabe to lead Zimbabwe instead it is people like Morgan Tsvangirai,  Joyce Mujuru, Simba Makoni the author of the 1979 grandplan and other so called shona leaders who want to hoodwink our people into believing that they are the better devils. We denounce the so called Grand Coalition that seeks to undermine us and the million dollar question is Grand to who? We know that in all these purported coalitions there is nothing for Mthwakazi hence we were not party of the 1980 decision."

Moyo said contrary to some beliefs the reign of Mugabe marked the beginning of the suffering of Mthwakazi people and unto those Mthwakazi leaders who think the anticipated coalitions will help their people please to them that is daydreaming.

"Let's stop misleading our long suffering people but let's give them hope by doing the right thing.  The right thing is pursuing the restoration agenda which is the only hope and permanent solution to our Shona made troubles. I further remind our some of our leaders from Matebeleland never to regard politics as a career or hobby but a calling to our people's cause. It has come to my attention that some of our  leaders are in these coalitions because there is a promise of donor funding. We cannot allow money to betray our people . After all in most instances they give us crumbs," he said.

"What would our departed ones say of us?, will they really receive us well when we depart . The answer is a big no instead they will spit on our faces."

Source - Byo24News