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Big tent mentality must end in opposition politics- ZimFirst

by Stephen Jakes
30 Mar 2017 at 06:32hrs | Views
AS the nation gears towards 2018 elections the ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has warned other opposition political parties that they must avoid big tent mentality as in a proper set up their is not permanent tent but all tents are makeshift where people stay and later leave to somewhere.

Shumba said a Grand Coalition should be a house founded on solid ground- Big tents, small tents and medium tents, regardless, are never meant to be permanent features.

"They are never pitched on place to over last their purpose. No one with a sane mind will consider walking into tent to make it a permanent home. Same story in politics. Tents should never be the premise of a grand coalition . The tent has owners and anyone walking into the tent walks full knowledge that the tent can be pulled down anytime without notice. THEREFORE, a genuine PEOPLE' s GRAND COALITION should not be built in tents," he said.

"It should be built in a house that is founded on solid ground. Solid as a rock ground! We are heading into watershed 2018 elections and there will be whirlwinds, storms, earth quakes cannot be discounted, and it will be folly to build our house on a feature that cannot withstand the turmoils brought about by political harsh weather . Worst still a tent that has a sole owner. Vanoda zvemetende ngavaite zvavo (those who like tents are free to do so) not us. But in doing so, they should know that a tent that overstays on one place accumulates trash and reptiles."

He said as of ZimFirst, they are in CODE and part of the team that is building a house on solid foundation to withstand the 2018 political harsh weather.

"In the house we have elders, valuable for their wisdom . You can count Dumiso Dabengwa (DD) on that and a galore of your young blood (knowing who are these is an easy task) for their innovative ideas. That's what makes a foundation of people's grand coalition solid. It should not be built on personalities. But a system to usher sound governance systems for our country. Anyways I predict that those in tents at some point will need to move into the house. Tents are terrible long term shelters because by design they are never meant to be. CODE is foundation of a grand coalition. It is a solid house and the future lies there. CODE is on the right track on that note. Decision 2018 will have surprises that are good for Zimbabweans and the region," he said.

Source - Byo24News