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ZimFirst dreams big ahead of 2018 polls

by Stephen Jakes
12 Apr 2017 at 06:11hrs | Views
ZimFirst political party seems to be dreaming big as it has indicated that it will make sure that it reaches out to all the people through out the country ahead of the 2018 elections.

ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba said all powerful political parties were once mere ideas which transformed into two persons entries, then grew out from there right out of the valuable assets once stored in a briefcase.

"Those calling nascent political parties 'Briefcase' parties do not realize the irony. Their own political parties they gloat about where once mere ideas in a briefcase. The growth trajectory that marks the transformation of the idea into a winning political enterprise depends on the political leadership at the helm," he said.

"Some ideas suffer stunted growth, others grow into political cul de sacs, yet others become bridges to nowhere and become perennial opposition parties or professional opposition parties. ZimFirst just like all other viable political party was once an idea with a strategy well guarded in a briefcase. Not anymore. With a campaign currently being oiled ready for the launch, an international credibility that parallels none at the moment and a message ( untwined, clean and fresh) that is addresses the current electoral needs) ZimFirst will be the talk of 2018."

He said people must forget about the media boycott for his party platform.

"Action speaks louder that words. Our Town hall events in both villages and towns will be enough to bring the ZimFirst manifesto to every household. In 2018 we will make sure effectively utilize the valuable assets we once held in the briefcase part," Shumba said.

"In 2018 this once briefcase party will be the party to beat. Forget about is currently endorsed or not. Nyika Vanhu . Vanhu ndonyika . Abantu Ilizwe. Yilizwe ngabantu."

Source - Byo24News