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Fake doctorates: Jonathan Moyo; person to face jail is 'Dr.' Grace Mugabe

by Nomazulu Thata
16 Apr 2017 at 11:26hrs | Views
It is indeed selective morality: a travesty of justice: it is ludicrous to the highest order. Jonathan Moyo tells us that those who fake degrees or purchase degrees should face jail. By that same logic coming from the "Professor" Moyo, Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education: Grace Mugabe should go to jail. She purchased a doctorate degree at a once upon a time one of the best Universities in the world: University of Zimbabwe.

Evidently some "Fake Professor" wrote the doctorate for her. Does not appear anywhere for us to view the "academic achievement:  written at a speed of light: three months! My foot! Dear please come clean and jail anyone who faked doctorates including your mentee Mrs. Mugabe. Nobody is above the law: if indeed some people are more equal than the other and can fake degrees as they want  if they have the money:  and also "who is who in Zimbabwe" then there is travesty of justice. Or constitution cannot have two laws one for Grace and the other for lesser mortals. That can only happen in a banana republic dear Prof. Moyo. It is a pity that the Minister is not ashamed of this!

Jonathan cannot criticize and condemn fake degrees from lesser mortals leaving the "First Lady" scot free of the gross misconduct: buying a doctorate to square up some cheap political score just to compete with Dr. Mujuru who happened to be graduating that day. Both of these women do not match up to the academic qualifications they purport to have acquired.  Grace literally fails to speak Chinese mandarin, supposed to be her first degree: She cannot speak English either in her rallies. English Literature: a subject supposed to be her second degree she acquired at a British university. She would rather she spoke Shona: not bad to speak Shona at all: it is the fake doctorate that irks us all because it has damaged the reputation of the our one of the best Institutions of learning ironically the Whole Professor is Minister if Higher and Tertiary Education.

Mrs. Mugabe has the audacity to tell rally comers that Mrs. Elizabeth Tsvangirai is daft: "idofo" she said. Grace Mugabe brags academic qualifications she faked and she purchased the doctorate degree openly and it was such an embarrassment to all. She forgets that Elizabeth has no fake degree in her name nor does she want to fake one. When Elizabeth Tsvangirai opens her mouth she talks sense all the time and not the nonsense we have to listen to in Grace Mugabe's rallies.

Jonathan Moyo should start criticizing Grace Mugabe's Doctorate Degree before he can lecture us about fake degrees. I wonders still if the UZ recovered from the academic ratings that had fallen, Some world universities are worried about the quality of not only education produced in UZ but the calibre of some Professors who go so low as to sit down and write a doctorate degree for Mrs. Mugabe just to get either money or a pet in the shoulder from the DEAR LEADER CALLED ROBERT MUGABE. This development that went unchallenged, this selective morality by Moyo is nauseating to those who value education.

One of the noble things that Jonathan should do to retain the dignity of University of Zimbabwe is to strip off those faked degrees from Mrs Mugabe: He should question the academic degree of Mrs. Mugabe first, who wrote it for her, who got remunerated from writing a doctorate degree in three months: since she is her mentee, he should make sure she got a decent doctorate under his supervision. Jonathan is wholly capable of doing that to Mrs. Grace Mugabe. Nobody doubts his own professorship qualifications at all. We challenge him to use the same set of values to strip Grace of fake qualifications without favouring her as the "First Lady" and frog match her to jail-time. Failure to do so will mean that his discrediting other lesser mortals with fake qualifications is equally fake and hollow: This selective morality stinks to high heaven.

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Source - Nomazulu Thata