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Dr Prophet Chiza to construct a multi million dollar complex in Bulawayo

by Stephen Jakes
17 Apr 2017 at 07:31hrs | Views
Dr Prophet Blessing Chiza is planning to build a multi million dollar complex in Bulawayo which will offer thousands of jobs to the residents.

Nobuhle  Mkhwebu a resident in Bulawayo said in the past few years there has been a number of men of GOD and prophets locally and abroad who have prophesied that Bulawayo shall be a great city in the near future.

"The men of GOD suggested that Harare will be second to Bulawayo as it shall be the major industrial hub of not only SADC but Africa people are still to flock into Bulawayo from all walks of life in search of greener pastures. And this is now proving to be true judging by the activity and the new interest in investing in Bulawayo," she said.

"Egodini mall set for a $60 Million budget, Cowdrypark Mall at $12 Million, are some of the new projects. Dr Prophet Blessing Chiza is the latest to announce a multi-million dollar project in Bulawayo, according to him he has engaged the Chinese, steward bank, Innscor Africa and chicken slice among others who are set to partner the prophet with the new project."


She said in 2013 Dr  Chiza prophesied that Bulawayo shall have the best roads and buildings in the near future precisely before 2023, pointing out that GOD love this city and its people but it is difficult to preach here, because of Pride and Bitterness of the locals.

"Though he was quick to point out that, GOD is raising a lot of MEN of GOD to deal with the Bulawayo demon. The demon was made strong by the blood of innocent citizens who lost their lives during the emotive Gukurahundi atrocities which Doctor Prophet Blessing Chiza once asked the church particularly people from Mashonaland to kneel down and ask for forgiveness to Ndebele people," she said.

"He went further and created a slogan that said in Eagle Life there is no Ndebele, there is no Shona, no Nigerian only the children of GOD and we Love our Father in Heaven. At Eagle Life the official language of communication is English because it is an international Ministry and it is meant to cool down tribalism and foster unity amongst the congregants and they make sure they balance their music along the three major languages spoken in Bulawayo which is Ndebele, English and Shona."


Mkhwebu said Dr Chiza who was made popular by the media, because of his two popular prophecies that he was purportedly to have missed about Highlanders taking Championship and Zimbabwe warriors winning against Mali and proceeding to the next round at Africa Cup of Nations "Afcon" tournament, which were later explained with supporting evidence of his videos with the actually words he said which turned out to have confirmed that for sure the two prophecies were conditional.

"The warriors were suppose not to touch or use any juju from Mapositori or Nyanga but were supposed to be prayed for and anointed by him first before the games and the warriors decided to do the opposite. Is together with his church Eagle life assembly set to begin Construction of a 10 000 seater auditorium at the new church stand in Sizinda which is set to become the biggest children's church after the completion of the main church that will have capacity to handle 50 000 people at once," she said.

"The church got more than 10 000 square meters of land that was previously owned by a Jew. Dr Chiza and his church are planning to turn the church stand into an International Christians tourist attraction place, with a 50 000 seater church auditorium, a shopping mall, a hotel, hospital, changing the dirty river along the church stand into a mini river with boats and a helipad with a run way for small private jets, a recreational center with a Zoo, etc. Dr Chiza said he went to South Korea, Dubai and Singapore to learn how they do it and he wants to see it in Bulawayo."


Currently there is no church that attracts a huge following in Bulawayo, like Prophet Magaya and Makandiwa do in Harare.

"All this is set to come to an end after the completion of the Eagle life's palatial structure in Bulawayo. There has been a huge cry by Bulawayo residence that the Bulawayo industries have deliberately been closed down or being relocated to Harare and many churches coming to flood the industrial ware houses. But there is something different about Dr Chiza, who according to him he was specifically removed from his work place as an accountant at Time bank by God and told to come to Bulawayo against his will but decided to obey GOD's will," she said.

"He is an Ordained Bulawayo Prophet and he is here to stay, he is now Southern Region over Seer of Faith in God Ministries International. Unlike others who when they make a lot of money, they leave the city and go back to Harare Dr Prophet Blessing Chiza has assured his members that he is not going anywhere and is set to bring more value to Bulawayo, this has been authenticated by his investments in the city."

Mkhwebu said he has previously been the first to open a television Station in Bulawayo and Matabeleland as a whole called Exodus TV on free to air decoders.

"Now he is set to construct a multimillion dollar complex in Bulawayo that has a potential to rake in millions of dollars from tourists. He announced today at the ongoing annual KFFA conference that is currently under way at the church stand where he has yet again showed his excellent ability by staging tents worthy R300 000 first of its kind in Bulawayo, recently he bought for the church a JBL PA system worthy a couple of Millions and first in Bulawayo true to his church slogan that it is a church of excellence," she said.

"Finally doctor Prophet Blessing Chiza is living true to his prophecy and being part to the fulfillment of his prophecy that Bulawayo will raise again and be the best city in Africa as a whole, with the best and latest infrastructure, some Matabeleland politicians have already started to court him, because of his influence in the city and more and more are expected to flock in. currently his church is being conducted at the ZITF Hall 1 and 2. Though currently there will be at their church stand until after the annual Zimbabwe International Trade Fair show case meant for the 25th to the 29th of April 2017."

Source - Byo24News