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WATCH: Tsvangirai admits to being complicit in 2008, 2013 election losses

by Ndou Paul
20 Apr 2017 at 13:18hrs | Views

Morgan Tsvangirai has finally admitted that splitting the party led to losses in past elections.

He said this in a statement when he announced a coalition deal with Professor Welshman Ncube.

"It would also be equally dishonest not to recognize that in our journey with Professor Ncube we both made our own mistakes. We split our party in 2005. The cost of that vote splitting in addition to the blatant manipulation of results was delayed change for the people of Zimbabwe in 2008. Ladies and gentleman, it takes humble leadership to accept one's mistakes but it takes bold leadership to correct those mistakes," said Tsvangirai.

"It is in this respect that I am both relieved and pleased to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Professor Ncube, as a first step towards undoing the damage we caused ourselves. Today, Professor Ncube and I will open a new chapter and craft a political agreement that should see us harness and combine our known electoral strength to face our common opponent as a united front."

"If anyone in this country expects us to contest the next elections separately as we did in 2008 and 2013 and expect a different result, it will not only be a third moment of real madness, but the highest form of insanity and none of us is insane."

"Finally, to my late friend and comrade Gibson Sibanda, I have taken the first step to do that which you would have wanted us to do."

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