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Man recounts crocodile attack

by Staff reporter
21 Apr 2017 at 08:58hrs | Views
Munyuri's badly mauled leg
A 28-year-old Chipinge man is lucky to be alive following a deadly attack by a crocodile while he attempted to cross the crocodile-infested Save River on Saturday morning.

Vhusani Munyire put up a brave fight to ward off the dangerous reptile that had sunk its jaws deep into his calf.

Munyire had safely crossed the river but as he was approaching the bank on the other side, the crocodile pounced and dragged him back into the deep waters.

Munyira's badly mauled leg

He lost a pound of flesh from his calf during the attack. However, Munyire fought back and with the reptile's jaws exposed, he inserted a reed in its wide open mouth.

In an instant it released its grip and Munyire made his way out of the water and crawled to safety on the sandy shore.

"I did not stop there because someone had told me that if you are bitten by a crocodile and you escape it will come to finish you off. I am lucky to be alive. Blood oozed out from the fresh deep wound on my calf and the exposed bone terrified me.

"Using my arms, I propelled myself forward and found a bush some 30 metres from Save River, " he recounted.

His father, Mr Watson Munyire, said he son was later found lying in agony by some girls who went near the river bank to fetch firewood. The girls quickly raised alarm and people rushed to help him.

Following his discovery, a local businessman played Good Samaritan and drove him to a nearby clinic where he received medical attention.

However, his calf wound is deep and bones are clearly visible, a condition which require him to seek further medical attention. The gapping wound also risks becoming septic if not properly cared for.

A ward councillor from the area Mr Charles Mugidho, urged people to be wary of the danger posed by crocodiles in Save River, especially after the country received a lot of rain this season.

"Move in pairs or in large numbers to scare away the reptiles," he said.

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