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We celebrated the independence that never was- ZimFirst leader

by Stephen Jakes
27 Apr 2017 at 07:46hrs | Views
The ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has said the excitement that he and other Zimbabweans had when Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980 has proved that the celebrated the independence they have fallen in bondage in it.

He said there is no argument that the regime that Rhodesia UDI had to go because it was an unsustained racist society.

"The racial segregation element was the core reason why Zimbabweans supported the liberation struggle en mass and whole heartedly. I supported the liberation struggle, young as I was, because it was the right thing to do. I also recognize that in the UDI racial system not every person with a white skin was a racist. No there are numerous liberation stalwarts who fought for the ideals of Chimurenga," he said..

"Therefore, back then, looking into the future with my young eyes I envisioned myself in the streets celebrating the advent of a new Zimbabwe that would be a rich multi ethnic, multi cultural and multi racial society. And sure indeed true to my conviction, I spent several nights in the streets of Ascot and Mutapa in Gweru celebrating the results of March 4, 1980.

Independence was with us, so I thought. But are really independent? Now it is time to take stock."

He asked as to what do people have in the independence bucket?

"A new form of racist society replaced UDI. Under the current system every citizen with a white skin is considered and an enemy. Under the current regime anyone with an opposing voice is an enemy of the State. A new form of economic segregation persists where membership in Zanu guarantees economic freedom and those who are not are denied the opportunity to prosper. A Zanu first society, no free and fair election. Is this what we fought for? And what are we fight for?" he said.

"We find ourselves back to square one. Fight for the same rights we fought for. The world an oppressive system cannot be sustained. Oppression and resistance are directly proportional . Increasing one, increases the other. Mugabe and Zanu know that. Today we have a cocktail of tools of oppression taken from other established dictatorships developed to keep us cowered. We face a regime that has take no prisoners but we are willing to die for our right to be independent. We are our own liberators . We have always been . Rhodesia to its credit did not rape the country , Zanu PF is. The moral decadence is sickening. The corruption. It would be nice if the US$2.5 billion allegedly looted by Mai Joice Mujuru was pooled back into the country. It would be nice if I can sit down with her on her plans to ploughing back the people's wealth to benefit the people from whom the money was looted."

He said a President who clocks in US$20 million per year in travel alone when sewage is flowing freely in the streets.

"Roads are deaths traps, hospitals resemble cattle pens and our parents cannot afford US$28 to register a daughter to sit for O level exams. Even opposition leaders do not want to be outdone given the chance. We have seen it happen. One famed one laying several hundreds of US$ to pay restitution fir bad behavior to a single woman as if she was a clinic or school. Our battle, make no mistake, is not limited to Zanu PF. We do not want to replace one corrupt regime with another . 2018 presents an opportunity to get it right for our country. We moved away from those engaged in political expedience because that is not what the country needs right now. The country needs a fresh start from fresh ideas," he said.

"The liberation struggle was about peace and prosperity. Ours was a betrayed liberation struggle. We did not fight a bitter war for Grace Mugabe to own 15 farms or a single individual to accumulate US$2.5 billion (a figure the youth in one one former Zanu PF official now aspiring presidential candidate were given when they went begging to western diplomats. 'We assess her at US$2.5 billion. Ask her to spare only US$10 million' They left empty handed. We don't make up these things.)"

He said hail to the honorable War Vets who fought gallantly in the Chimurenga war and who today as ZimFirsters are in the trenches fighting for ideals of Chimurenga.

"Rightfully so. The liberation struggle was not for Zanu and by Zanu alone. It was for Zimbabwe and by Zimbabweans. To the others who are in Mugabe's corner fighting to oppress us, I extol you to remember the ideals of the liberation struggle. It was our collective struggle and still it is. We will be truly independent come 2018," he said.

Source - Byo24News