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Dzamara's health deteriorates after detention, activist moved to ICU

by Maynard Manyowa
05 May 2017 at 19:00hrs | Views
Harare - Political Activist Patson Dzamara has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit of a Harare Hospital this evening after his health deteriorated sharply during the course of the day.

Dzamara, the young brother of abducted activist Itai Dzamara, who is still missing nearly three years later, is one of the leaders of Occupy Africa Unity Square Movement; a movement started by his brother.

Since his brother's abduction, Patson has risen to become one of the fiercest critics of Robert Mugabe.

A statement released by Khuluma Afrika Editor Maynard Manyowa, who is a close friend of Patson Dzamara, and peer, with authority from the family, and Patson himself read.

"It is with a heavy and sore heart, that i have to announce, that my brother, Patson Dzamara has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit.

Since morning, we had been made aware of such a possibility, however, we remained hopeful.

His condition deteriorated sharply during the course of the day, and the doctors, as well as us, became weary that his illness has become life threatening.

I could say so much about this, about how the country has judged him without understanding the toll that this fight has taken from him. About just how much damage those baton sticks did to his body, his soul, his spirit.

But at this point, i am, we are worried for his safety. His family are appealing for your prayers, and for privacy. This is a very difficult moment for us, his friends, his peers, and for the Dzamara family, who have lost so much, whose only beacon of hope and providence is Patson.

While so many may not agree with him, we must all agree that, for choosing to stand up, against this regime, Patson's body has paid a heavy toll.

I cannot tell you what the precise issue is, but, i can tell you all those beatings, the detentions in inhumane conditions have taken a serious toll.

It is our hope, that he recovers and regains some form of stability, enough that we may perhaps be able to consider other drastic medical options.

Lastly, as I said, on behalf of Patson, we appeal for privacy, and your kind thoughts.

Speaking to KA, Manyowa added that further details and updates would be availed over time.

Dzamara was last week jailed in brutal circumstances by a Harare Magistrate. In this time he was denied food, water, proper sanitation, and exposed to extreme conditions, despite authorities being aware of health complications resulting from previous illegal ill-treatment from state actors.

Source - Maynard Manyowa

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