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Mugabe must die or Pastor Mugadza is a Satanist - Rev. Musindo

by Ngoni Shumba
08 May 2017 at 14:46hrs | Views
MUTARE - If President Robert Mugabe does not die on October 17 as prophesied by Kariba pastor, Patrick Mugadza then he is a Satanist, a prominent pastor and Zanu PF apologist has declared.

Mugabe must die or Pastor Mugadza is a Satanist - Rev. Musindo

Reverend Obadiah Musindo speaking on the sidelines his Destiny of Afrika Network (DANet) low housing scheme beneficiaries at Sakubva Beithall said the jury was out on pastor the moment he told journalists of the issue.

"If it is the word of God, He will fulfil it so we want to see in October whether the president will die. If he doesn't die then this pastor is from antichrist. Mugadza will be from anti-Christ," Rev. Musindo said.

Musindo said there was a risk that Mugadza spoke from his personal hatred of the President.

"We want to also see if what Pastor Mugadza said was not coming from his personal hatred of the President," he said adding that there were many religious leaders whose pronouncements were inspired by their own personal opinions of the Zimbabwean 93-year-old strongman.

"We have got so many religious pastors, denominational leaders speaking their personal views in the name of God. Let's stop that," Rev. Musindo said.

Pastor Mugadza, the founder and leader of Remnant Church, is currently on trial for criminal nuisance charges arising from his proclamation.

He told journalists in January that on December 26 last year, he received a prophecy that President Mugabe, would "die on October 17" this year.

"It's not to say that I am glad to announce this, but I am just saying it because that is what the Lord has revealed to me. It was on December 26, when I was in prayer and God said to me this coming year, in 2017, the President is dying. He told me that he is dying on October 17.

"I am not saying I am going to be killing him on October 17, so there is no way anybody can say to me what you have done is wrong. I am not going to be killing anybody, I am only saying what God told me that he is going to die.

"He is old and I think it's time for him to go home, as simple as that … If people think Mugabe is sticking around because he wants power, then they are wrong, I believe right now the old man is serving his jail term while alive."

The cleric vowed then that he was prepared to go to jail over the prophecy.

Pastor Mugadza's legal wars began in December 2015, when he staged a solo demonstration at the Zanu PF conference in Victoria Falls, denouncing Mugabe and calling for his resignation over his failed economic policies.

That was also not his first brush with the law.

In 2005, he was arrested and detained for nearly a month after holding a placard informing President Mugabe that his people were suffering under his rule.

On Independence Day last year, he gave a sermon while tied to a lamppost in Harare in an act that he said was symbolic of the lack of freedom in the country.

Source - Ngoni Shumba