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Zanu PF fight for Chiredzi West constituency heats up

by Garikai Mafirakureva
15 May 2017 at 04:54hrs | Views
Farai Musikavanhu
CHIREDZI - Zanu PF fights for what can be described as the hottest seat in the country's south eastern sugar farming town of Chiredzi,  has reached high levels, with accusations and counter accusation being thrown at each other as members position themselves to represent the party in the forthcoming watershed 2018 elections.

The fights has seen party members, who are believed to be aligned to the alleged Team Lacoste, at each other's throat accusing each other of fanning factionalism in the party by splashing money like confetti.

Chiredzi Town Council chairperson, Francis Moyo, recently came out gun blazing, accusing his party colleague, former Tongaat Hulett agriculture director, Farai Musikavanhu, of jumping the gun and dividing the party in the process by campaigning in Chiredzi West before the party gives a green light to do so.

Speaking during an interview Moyo, who is popularly known as Frango, said according to Zanu PF, Chiredzi West legislator is Darlington Chiwa, until such a time the party gives candidates a go ahead to campaign. He went on to say if Musikavanhu, is interested in any position he should campaign in Ward 1, which is according to Zanu PF, vacant because it is currently in the hands of the opposition.

"As far as Zanu PF is concerned, Darlington Chiwa, is still representing the party, unless Musikavanhu is trying to destabilize the party by campaigning against a sitting Member of Parliament.

"The party is still to announce that any interested member should submit his or her name for primaires before starting the campaign. If Musikavanhu is interested in any position he should campaign in ward 1 which is currently being held by the opposition," said Frango.

In a written message to comment on the matter - Musikavanhu, only said; "My apologies my brother my phone was on silent. On the subject you raised I am not authorized to comment."

The fall out between Frango and Musikavanhu began when the later called for a council audit before anyone can put resources in the town council.

When contacted for comment the party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, said the party is yet to announce dates for primaries.


"As Zanu PF we haven't set any date or criteria for someone to be considered as eligible to represent the party. I don't see anything bad about someone making some developments in their constituencies but that doesn't mean it's automatic that you are the party candidate," said Moyo.

However, Musikavanhu,  is not the only one interested in Chiredzi West constituency, as other Zanu PF candidates have already shown interest, including former Masvingo governor, Titus Maluleke and Norman Sharara.

Source - Garikai Mafirakureva