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War vets must not allow being used in violence anymore

by Stephen Jakes
19 May 2017 at 06:36hrs | Views
An MDC-T senator Morgan Komichi has challenged the war veterans to refuse being used by politicians for political violence as that destroy their credibility as the liberators of the nation.

He made the remarks during parliament.

"I am saying the legacy bestowed on us by the freedom fighters should be restored and upheld.  The dignity which they had and the liberation which they brought into the country should really be respected.  They should not be used as puppets on a string but in order for us to restore that legacy, I am calling upon all the freedom fighters to preach the gospel of non-violence.  Let us preach the gospel of peace," he said.

"If we talk to our children who would have noticed some violence being perpetrated by the freedom fighters, the children will equate freedom fighters with violence.  We are saying, if we were being violent during the campaign and election periods, please let us carry out that in peace.  Therefore, we do not have to hear freedom fighters like Hon. Sen. Mawire being blamed for thrashing and torturing the elderly in the villages."

He said when people are talking about non-violence, they must go through the eight points of attention which was applied by the freedom fighters during the war.  

"Why is it that the eight points which were being used are now being opposed at this time?  We were told:  protect the mass, do not violently take things from the public, let us be peaceful, let us not be cruel to captives and prisoners of war but we need to be peaceful.  We are saying, if the freedom fighters are talking of peace, this will be a blessing. It will be a blessing to Zimbabwe to hear a freedom fighter saying during campaigns we want peace and tolerance.  We believe if we combine that effort we are going to succeed in our programmes.  Through that action and adoption of peace, Zimbabwe is going to develop.  We will all be one family and there will not be any divisions.  When we go to elections and whosoever wins because there has been peace, there will not be any fights because the campaigns and elections will be done peacefully," he said.

"I will now turn to the other group which should be helping in keeping peace in the country.  The police, through the Commissioner General, should enforce the adoption of peace in the country.  In their operations, they should listen to the voice from the churches, the voice from their leaders and the freedom fighters that there should be peace.  As Morgan, if I hit Peter because of politics or if Peter fights Morgan because of politics, he has to be arrested.  There should be no sacred cows in maintaining peace in the country.  We know our country is a peaceful country and by arresting the perpetrators of violence, we will be creating peace in the country."

He said he was pleading with the chiefs, the freedom fighters and the people of Zimbabwe; let us spread love, peace and happiness in Zimbabwe.

Source - Byo24News