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Hubby caught playing sex recording of self, lover

by Staff reporter
19 May 2017 at 15:33hrs | Views
WHAT happens in Vegas stays there!

But not for a cheating husband who, whenever he thinks of his side-dish, replays recordings of them indulging in sex. One day the recordings excited him to a point of playing them at home but he was unfortunately caught in the act by his wife.

For that Limukani Dube from Mzilikazi suburb was bashed by his wife Chiedza Takaedza.

In one of the sex recordings, which nearly cost Dube's life, Takaedza heard his girlfriend thanking him (Dube) for "a job well done" in the last round of their sex session.

In protest-like fashion against his wife's abusive behaviour, Dube reportedly deserted the matrimonial bedroom and is now sleeping in the dining room.

Dube poured his heart out at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he sought a restraining order against his wife.

"My wife Chiedza Takaedza is abusing me to the extent that I am now afraid to stay with her. She is no longer talking to me, cooking and washing for me. It is my prayer that since she is no longer respecting me as her husband she should move out of the house.

"In 2015 we once separated but she came back the following year at the instigation of her relatives who forced me to take her back," lamented Dube.

Responding to her husband's submissions, Takaedza told the court that he was the one provoking her with his infidelity.

"I dispute his accusations that I am violent. The problem is that he has a girlfriend and whenever he goes out with that girlfriend he records their sex sessions which he would be playing in the house.

"The day he claimed I assaulted him was after I found him playing a sex recording with his girlfriend in which she was thanking him for the last round of their sex session. As a way of fixing me he deserted our matrimonial bedroom and is now sleeping in the dining room," said Takaedza.

She, however, pleaded with the court to dismiss her husband's application saying they needed time to solve their marital problems.

The presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova ordered the couple to keep peace with each other before he referred them for counselling.

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