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Woman demands womaniser hubby’s retirement package

by Staff reporter
19 May 2017 at 15:35hrs | Views

An "overstepping" wife was sent packing after she demanded to be given half of her husband's retirement package.

Nicholas Kampila (60) of How Mine ordered his wife Anna Mulonda to leave him in peace after she dragged him to court demanding a lump sum maintenance.

Mulonda who has been married to Kampila for 38 years told Bulawayo magistrate Tinashe Tashaya that she wanted half of her husband's retirement package because he was a womaniser of note and she feared he would spend all the money on women.

"Your worship, my husband loves women and I know he won't do anything productive with the money. I just want him to give me half of the money and he can do whatever he wants with the rest of it," said Mulonda.

Kampila was not happy with his wife's request and told her to pack her bags and leave as soon as they got home.

"Your worship, I'm telling her right now before the court that I want her to pack all her belongings and leave my house. Since she wants half of my money she can go and start a new life away from me," he said.

He said if she wanted his money then she should stay as far away from him as possible.

"I don't want to ever see her Your Worship, since she has shown so much love for money. I want her gone as soon as we leave this court," added Kampila.

Tashaya granted the lump sum maintenance.

"Kampila your wife will get half of your retirement benefits. It would not be fair if you were to spend all the money on other women when this woman has been married to you for all these years," he said.

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Source - bmetro