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LIVE: Mugabe 'is our life president', says Zanu-PF youth chair

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02 Jun 2017 at 12:24hrs | Views
Get the latest details as Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe kicks off a nationwide series of rallies to drum up support from youths ahead of the 2018 elections.

16:59 President Mugabe has finished his address and the Youth League has given him a token of their appreciation. The present has been opened and it's a portrait of the first family at the 21st February Movement Celebrations.

16:57 President Mugabe says people must be prepared to sweat for the country if we are to develop the country

"It is only through our combined effort in unity that we can develop."

"Forward unity, ever," says President Mugabe.

As President Mugabe concludes his speech, he says the late VP John Nkomo left Zimbabweans with a valuable lesson:" Peace begins with me, Peace begins with you, Peace begins with all of us."

16:54 Mugabe calls for peace in the country. "Peace begins with me, peace begins with you and peace begins with all of us"

"Zimbabweans must be prepared to work and sweat to uplift our economy"

Some of the white farmers at the rally

16:52 "We do not have enough dairy farms in this country and we need to do more to get more milk as a country

"Blair you can keep your England and we will keep our Zimbabwe.

"The land is our heritage and we are happy that we are now proud owners of land and we must utilise it and ensure that our children go to school

"We have a problem with our South African allies, the whites are still controlling industries there, they are the main employers and have many farms.

"Our friends in the ANC are looking at means of redistributing the land to the majority of the people. It is the same situation in Namibia

"I hear that we have G40 and Team Lacoste, please stop it."

16:45 President Mugabe said land redress invited sanctions from Britain.

"Some where shaken by the sanctions. They wondered if we were going to survive the storm. But we said, we will face it.

16:36 President Mugabe has warned Cabinet and Politburo members against leaking closed door deliberations adding that those who are in the habit of doing so are not doing themselves and the party any good.

"Thank you very much for coming to spend the day with me here. Thank you for the respect you continue to bestow upon me. Your deeds are giving our detractors sleepless nights."

16:33 He says, traditionally, Chiefs are known to be polygamous and it is said they manage the arrangement so well.

"But for you young people, be faithful to your partners. We do not expect you to divorce in two years."

16:29 "Promiscuity, promiscuity has become a dangerous cancer in the homes. We hear stories of men who fall in love with other women more than they did with their wives. When you wedded your wife, had you not seen her weaknesses," he quizzes.

16:25 President Mugabe says party members have an obligation to be humane and humble. Giving word of advise to the youths, he says promiscuity has broken many homes.

16:22 President Mugabe has implored party members who are interested in positions to abide by the Party Constitution and wait for congress time.

16:19 President Mugabe says when he came back from Ghana, he was seconded to UNDP and when election came, the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo was elected the leader.

"The same applies, when Zanu was formed, people elected Ndabaningi Sithole to lead. He was later removed but he had been elected. We never looked at where one comes from."

He has urged those fomenting factionalism to STOP IT.

16:14 "Zanu PF as a party is a multi-ethnic revolutionary movement. We fought the struggle like that. We never bothered about one's ethnicity. Are we still holding onto that? We have a principle of denouncing tribalism. As a party, we frown upon it.

"Surprisingly, some seem to be pushing for that. No, we do not want that.

"Some are saying let us exchange the button, we cannot continue being led by a Zezuru. We can't operate like that."

16:10 President Mugabe says most farmers who left Zimbabwe moved northwards to Zambia. They are now farming there. It's ok. Here we can do it ourselves. At some point, we all lived rural life. We lived difficult lives but it is what inspired us to fight land repossession because we were crammed in the reserves."

16:05 "Government is also working on repossessing fallow land from those who have large farms and are not fully utilising them."

15:59 President Mugabe says there are some greedy individuals who want to benefit from youth stands so that they sell later.

"We do not want people who do that. We are giving land to people so that they builds homes to stay. But, there are some who already have stands but still want to benefit. No, we are not going to allow that."

15:53 According to President Mugabe, there are some people who got large pieces of land which they can't utilise. Now, they are covertly subcontracting white farmers in return for a token of appreciation.

He has advised chiefs to be on the lookout for such people since they are the custodians of land and the people.

15:52 President Mugabe says there are about 73 white farmers remaining in the province.

"These were protected by former Minister of State for Mashonaland East, Ray Kaukonde. We are looking into the issue."

"We are going to give our youths small pieces of land. We cannot give you large tracks of land because for now, you do not have the capacity to work on it.

Some of you are still single. Therefore, you can not productively till on your own. You need inputs too."

15:44 President Mugabe says when the country gained independence, War Veterans made their requests and they were given land.

"They must stop bickering as if Government never did anything for them. We did and we are still working on meeting their demands. We agreed that 20% of all the acquired land is reserved for veterans of the liberation struggle.

1541: He has however bemoaned the exclusion of youths in these programmes.

"We want our youths to play a leading role. Now, I want young people to be given land."

15:40 "Now that command agriculture has given us good yields on grain crops, let us extend it to wheat," he says.

If the programme is extended to wheat, we will have all the bread we want in the country, President Mugabe says.

15:36 His Excellency has spoken of his surprise when when he saw a sea of people gathered here.

"When I was coming here, I thought I am coming to meet the people of Mashonaland East. I was shocked when I got here. I must say I am proud of you Zanu-PF youths.

"Media was coming up with all sort of conspiracy theories over the past few days. They even reported imaginary tension. Look at yourselves, are you fighting? NO."

President Mugabe says Zanu PF is a people's party whose programmes are people centric like Command Agriculture.

He says command agriculture pleased even the heavens and floodgates of rains were opened.

"We received good rains and even those who did not take part in the command agriculture program are looking forward to a good harvest."

15:34 Mugabe: We want unity and progress for our people, we need to create jobs for our people and strengthen our agriculture at the back of the successes of Command Agriculture

15:33 Mugabe: Thanks youths for organizing the million man march last year and it surprised the sadc region and the whites who were thinking that I was finished and I had to laugh and put my hands in my pockets

15:29 President Mugabe says last year's Million Man March shocked even the detractors.

"Some of the people who thought I am finished were left wondering. The March left me walking proudly with hands in my pocket. They had thought since I am in my 90s I am now old to have people's support. They were lost. They got the shock of their lives."

15:24 "These meetings are being done against the background of a Million Man March held last year. The youths said to me, President Mugabe, we travelled to meet you last year. This year, it's your turn to visit us.

"As such, we agreed (me and Chipanga) to schedule a meeting for today."

15:23 President Mugabe recognises the presence of various dignitaries present here at Rudhaka Grounds.

He pays tribute to the youth league for mobilising thousands of party supporters who have come to attend the meeting.

15:16 President Mugabe is now on the podium.

15:15 The First Lady says young people, particularly, are the ones who use social media progressively.

"Some of you have families, would you want people to be insulting you in spheres where your children are found."

The First Lady is done with her address.

15:13 White people are even afraid of Pres Mugabe coz of his stuwardship adds Grace Mugabe.

15:12 Grace Mugabe says social media is not a bad thing but people need to engage responsibly.

"Some are using social media progressively. They spread party programmes on social media. But there are some people who use social media to denigrate leadership. This is not good."

15:09 On why Government introduced bond notes, First Lady Grace Mugabe says the move was meant to plug foreign currency leakages.

"There are some people who come here to sell cheap stuff and they do not bank the money. They take it outside the country. Let us embrace bond notes and plastic money."

15:06 Women's League Secretary has also encouraged Government Ministers to stop making conflicting policy pronouncements adding that it confuses even investors.

15:04 Grace Mugabe has castigated factionalism with the party saying it doesn't strengthen the party.

"Let us stop throwing names. We will confuse the electorate. Let us wait for election time and contest."

15:02 "We do not consider where one comes from. Whether you come from Masvingo or Gwanda, if you have the capacity, you are given the post."

15:01 The First Lady says Zanu-PF is an organised party which is multi-tribal and has a multi-ethnic appeal.

"We do not fight for positions in our party. We respect structures unlike other parties that have been splitting."

14:59 "We are happy and united under the leadership of President Mugabe," Amai Mugabe has said imploring the party and government to serve the people every time.

"Let us not remember people during election period. We hear of stories that roads are patched every time the President is set to visit. How many times does he visit? Why should we abandon our duties," she quizzes.

14:55 Grace Mugabe has described youths as the vanguard of the party adding that she is happy that they have not abandoned or forsaken ways they have been taught by Women's League.

14:52 First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe is now addressing the gathering.

14:00 The crowd sings "Gabriel achatonga Africa".

14:50 Chipanga has finished his address.

14:49 Youth League Secretary says in the past, media has tried to be dramatic saying he has equated President Mugabe to an angel.

"Is he not an angel? Is he not Gabriel? Many of you will be shocked on judgement day when they see President Mugabe holding a notebook adjudicating who is suppose to get in or go to hell."

14:46 He has spoken highly of Women's League and War Veterans saying these must work together or both perish.

14:44 Still on accelerated implementation of ZimAsset, Chipanga thanks His Excellency for commissioning Tokwe-Mukosi Dam and the launch of the Command Fishing Project.

"These two will help in job creation for young people. We thank you President."

Chipanga has castigated Marondera Town Council for neglecting service delivery only to start working when they heard President Mugabe is coming to town.

14:40 Chipanga pays tribute to President Mugabe for launching the dualisation of Beitbridge Chirundu Highway adding that first preferance on jobs must be given to local youths and women.

"We do not want to see foreigners working as general hands during the dualisation of this road. As young people, we need jobs in order to survive."

Youth League Secretary has encouraged party youths to pay back loans advanced to them as part of the empowerment programs. He has also encouraged senior party officials to pay their own debts as well saying some got equipment under the mechanisation program but have not paid anything.

"Maybe the young people are taking a leaf from our senior party members," he says.

14:39  "We are not happy that Barclays is being sold to Malawians, why can't we buy it at Zimbabweans?", says Chipanga

We are a happy that there will be a youth bank but we urge all youths to repay loans

14:33 He has called for the expropriation of farms which are still in the hands of white farmers adding that to sustain themselves, young people want small plots.

"Our Excellency, our mandate as young people is to defend the party. We don't want to hear or get orders from senior people in the party that certain candidates must not be challenged in the primary elections. We are not going to tolerate that as young people."

14:28 "As a result, Your Excellency, may we have a credit scheme for young people. Also, may we get land for farming as youths."

14:26 According to Chipanga, young people do not get the necessary support when it comes to many government programs that have been rolled out.

14:25 He has encouraged youths to register to vote so that the party records victory in the forthcoming harmonised elections.  Chipanga has also encouraged party members to respect senior party officials.  He however says there is a difference between respect and support.

"Let me be clear, let us respect our elders but when it comes to support, we only support President Mugabe."

A sloganeering Zanu-PF supporter, among the crowd at the Rudhaka stadium

14:18 "We want to assure you President Mugabe, you are our life President. Even if you die, we will hold the Politburo at National Heroes Acre. We will support you always."

Chipanga says youths were tired of tales by Politburo and Central Committee members who meet President Mugabe regularly.

14:16 "We want to thank you President Mugabe for taking time off your busy schedule to meet the young people. The reason why we opted for this model was the overwhelming attendance during last year's Million Man March. Some did not even attend," Chipanga says.

14:14 Chipanga makes salutations and requests people gathered to observe a minute of silence in  honour of the late national hero, Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu.

"Mash East is a special province. Everything is done the Zanu PF way here. Even when people cough, they clench their fist which is a Zanu PF symbol."

14:02  Youth League Secretary Kudzanai Chipanga is at the podium to deliver his speech.

13:54 There are 3300 stands in Marondera, 300 stands in Mahusekwa, 45 hactares in Landas, Beatrice area 125 hactares, Juru Growth Point 300, 100 Murehwa and Mutoko 30. Hwedza has 700 stands. Hamandishe says all these stands and pieces of land are at various stages of development.

Mutsvairo lauds Government's Command Agriculture scheme before appealing for His Excellency to consider the plight of young farmers.

"We do not have land as young people. Kindly consider our plight President."

13:49 "We are happy to see you. We are also happy to host the first meeting because we then set the motion for other provinces. As the Youth League, we stand by you in the forth coming elections. We declare you our life President."

He thanks President Mugabe for giving land to youths in the province.

He says process to legalise the issuance of stands is on going adding that they have been working well with UDCORP.

13:44 Kelvin Mutsvairo, Mashonaland East Province Youth League Chairperson welcomes President Mugabe to the province.

"We thank you for coming. This is your territory. We do not want to hear of any other party."

13:40 "Since yesteryear youths fought selflessly, today's youths have a duty to defend the gains of the liberation struggle. Youths have to stay resolute."

13:38 Minister of State for Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs, Ambrose Mutinhiri takes the microphone to sing Sarura wako/Kheth' omthandayo before making salutations.

Mutinhiri says the province feels honoured to host the first meeting of the many to follow.

"This country was defended by youths. President Mugabe was young when he joined the nationalist movement. We ought to draw wisdom from them."

13:34 Mash East Provincial chairman  Bernard Makokove takes to the podium and assures the President that the province will retain the seats they won in the 2013 elections.

Makokove thanks President Mugabe for granting hero status to the late former Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku.

Some traditional chiefs in attendance

"We thank you for all you have done for us Baba."

13:25 Hamandishe reassures President Mugabe of youth league support.

"We stand by our resolution Your Excellency that you are our candidate for the 2018 harmonised elections," he says.

Chipanga has been invited to introduce senior party officials who have attended the meeting.

13:24 Newly elevated Deputy Secretary for the Women's League, Thokozile Mathuthu greets party supporters. She does so in style and swag, at least according to Hamandishe.

13:22 Mabel Chinomona chants the slogan on behalf of Members of Parliament from the province.

13:10 Hamandishe welcomes President Mugabe and invites Mashonaland East Youth League chairperson to introduce his team.

1303: Zanu PF Youth League Political Commissar, Innocent Hamandishe is the Director of Ceremonies.

13:01 The National Anthem is being sung.

12:50 President Mugabe has arrived accompanied by First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe. Amid deafening cheers that are drowning even the sound of the Public Announcement system, President Mugabe is greeting the crowd, moving slowly among them with his trademark clenched fist. Zimbabwe National Youth Service are struggling to contain members of the public who are refusing to stay seated as the icon manoeuvres in their midst. They cheer in jubilation and admiration.

12:47  Zanu PF National Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Youth League Secretary Kudzanai Chipanga as well Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Christopher Mushohwe have arrived at the venue and are taking their seats at the VVIP tent.

12:26 As people await the arrival of President Mugabe, ZRP band keeps them entertained through a rendition of Simon Chimbetu's song, Sango.

11:55 Senate President, Edna Madzongwe has arrived here in Marondera for the President's interactive meeting and address.

11:49 Brilliant sound bites by various Zimbabwean artists illuminate Rudhaka grounds and visibly excited party faithfuls wave their clenched fists - the revolutionary part's symbol - as they sing along.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo and Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Cain Mathema have arrived at the venue.

11:43 Members of Zanu-PF Women's League, despite the fact that this is a Youth League meeting, form a considerable part if the crowd. The two organs have been working together harmoniously in drumming up support for the party.

11:25 The meeting is the first of the many interactive sessions President Mugabe will hold across the provinces as Zanu PF drums up support for the 2018 harmonised elections.

11:24 Despite a sea of masses already packed at the open ground, a more are trickling in on foot.

11:21 Faces, like pebbles on  the beach have populated Rudhaka Stadium grounds waiting for the legendary leader, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe who is set the have an interactive meeting with Mashonaland East youths today.

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