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Secret train bush party turns into sex orgy

by Staff reporter
16 Jun 2017 at 09:31hrs | Views
IT was indeed a sex galore on the wheels and in the bush!

These words sum up the erotic scenes that punctuated the two-day secret train bush party which turned into a massive wild sex romp and booze party as many paired up for steamy sex sessions in the train and bush where the much-hyped bush party took place last Saturday night.

The venue was a bushy area in Nyamandlovu and it attracted all races.

The party held under the banner and catchphrase "I Got Lost" saw a lot of raunchy sex scenes that seemed to belong to an X-rated movie than a normal party. Sex was the order of the night both on the train and at the venue where some sex-crazed and fearless revellers were not ashamed of doing it in front of each other.

According to the organisers, "LOST" is the spectacular result of the creative expression of participants who gather once a year in a secret location to create a temporary venue of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance.

Their poster reads:  "LOST will blow your hair back whichever way you choose to experience it. The more you do, the more fun you'll have — guaranteed, because it's a do-ocracy - a place where you're welcome to start something, make something or do anything (within reason). Forget standing at the sidelines - jump in with both feet and get busy".

So erotic and sizzling were the scenes that they would have left sex scandal hit former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, famed for his Bunga Bunga parties, green with envy as visibly drunk revellers threw caution to the wind by treating each other to two days of wild and crazy sex.

Unbeknown to the revellers and organisers that there were B-Metro undercover reporters, things turned steamy in the train soon after its departure from the Bulawayo Main Station when music started being pumped out and revellers-cum-couples also started kissing and cuddling with some disappearing into rooms on the train to do what only God knows.

Although it was a frenetic, alcohol-fuelled affair, the reporters managed to capture images of some wild sex encounters during what had been advertised on social media as an innocent gathering of fun lovers.

It was indeed a frantic sex and booze tear-up at the venue where a huge white tent was pitched.

At the site, love-mad couples disregarded the notion that sex in the bush was never meant for humans but animals only as they could not wait to get proper "bases" in the train and decided to turn the nearby thicket into their love nests.

Occasional giggles and moans could be heard coming from nearby bushes where the lovebirds were enjoying quality time.

Some, out of excitement, undressed and instead of condemnation, many turned a blind eye as such raunchiness had become the order of the night.   Simply, no one seemed to care what other revellers were doing as long as they were also having a good time.

The shocking moment was when a randy couple was seen having sex on a train seat. The woman was sitting on the man's lap, facing forward with her skirt hitched up and her knickers pulled halfway down her thighs.

She was bouncing up and down on the man and some revellers appeared indifferent to what was happening.

Their only concession to modesty was when the man grabbed a jacket and placed it around the woman's thighs to hide her bum.

The following morning there were smashed glasses, empty bottles of beer everywhere and used condoms at the site that had turned into a safe haven for those that wanted to enjoy sex or alcohol away from the eyes of the public.

"I'm disgusted by the manner in which these revellers behave. Most of these men seem to be married and they just came in the company of girlfriends. We have been forced to watch p-rnography by these people in public. People got to know each other pretty quickly," said another lady who identified herself as Linda.

Meanwhile, people were up in arms with the organisers after they failed to provide braai packs and six packs of beer which they had initially promised when they advertised the party whose tickets ranged from $25 for silver circle, $50for golden lounge, $150 for platinum ring and $200 for the VIP.
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Source - B-Metro