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Bosso's superfan or attention seeker?

by Staff reporter
23 Jun 2017 at 08:24hrs | Views
HERE comes an attention seeker!

Josphat Ngulube a Bulawayo man who has of late been in the public eye for his one-man Highlanders demonstration is no stranger to being dismissed as an empty vessel but that won't derail him from showing love to the "love of his life" Bosso.

"I don't care because the same people who will say I am a mad man are not the ones who give me $3 to go and watch Bosso. They are not the ones who also give me money to follow the team everywhere it goes. Actually they don't own the team and I don't question their support for the team!," he said.

Could he be Bosso's number one supporter?

He says:
"Far from it. I am just a brave supporter. There are many people who love the team "yezwe lonke" across the country and beyond. They serve it in their different ways, as for me I resolved to go it alone in the demonstration because had we done it as a crowd there was going to be chaos."

He added that if need be, he can demonstrate every week as long as there's unfair treatment of his team by Zifa or the PSL and even if the team's executive betrays their mandate.  A teacher by profession, in all schools that he has taught — his Highlanders identity has been his badge of pride.

"There's no one I have ever worked with or taught who doesn't know about my love for Highlanders. Probably those people who have had close contact with me at some point when they saw me taking to the streets found nothing wrong with my behaviour. I couldn't keep complaining on a chat group when things were going against our team," he said.

However, his main worry is that communication between the club's leadership and supporters is strained.

"It's a top to bottom kind of approach. That's why they fail to calm tempers when supporters resort to violence out of frustration. Instead the next day we read in the Press that they would use breathalysers on us as a form of crack down. Once you do that people naturally become rebels. There's need to close the gap between the executive and leadership. There have been some solid leaders in the trenches such as Ernest Maphepha Sibanda who would join us at the Soweto end but come today, the executive lounges at the VVIP section as if they are scared of supporters," he said.

It's well into the season and Bosso is in the middle of the table but Ngulube firmly believes the team can stun haters although serious house keeping should be done.

"One issue is that the executive should try by all means to meet deadlines in coaches and players allowances. That's a key motivation and with that, players only have to worry about their performance on the field and not think about borrowing money from A to pay a debt to B," he added.

His best player in the current squad is Prince Dube.

"He's a true prince. Brilliant footballer who knows the value of team work," said Ngulube.

Source - bmetro