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PICTURES: UFOs pelt home with 'hot stones'

by Staff reporter
01 Jul 2017 at 13:22hrs | Views
A stranger than fiction occurrence in which members of the Manjengwa family in Buhera are continuously being pelted by big "hot stones" whose attackers cannot be seen is beyond the realm of nature or what can be explained by science.

Fresh and healed scars of burns are visible on most of the family members. The family's property has also not been spared. Roofs have been shattered, kitchen shelves broken, water buckets and plates cracked, and pots damaged beyond repair and use.

The bizarre incident has left Lydia Manjengwa, a widow and eight children, homeless after deserting their home as invisible attackers barrage them with hot stones. The incident, which probably shows that science indeed has a definite limit, is happening in Manjengwa Village, under Headman Marume in Chief Makumbe's area in Buhera district.

Future Mashiri shows a damaged pot

The story may sound drivel, but it's true, and the longer it takes for the haunted family to find a lasting solution, the higher the intensity of both the attack and chances of degenerating into a mortal threat.

A visit by The Manica Post last Tuesday to the haunted and deeply troubled family, about 50km from Murambinda, was not problematic as the issue was on the lips of everyone asked for directions.

At 1:30pm  The Manica Post arrived at the homestead. Moments later Future Mashiri (35) and her brother's wife Tafadzwa Matevera (19) – both with babies strapped on their backs – emerged from adjacent rock outcrops where they had rushed for cover from the raining stones.

Water buckets, plates and pots, among other household utensils that had been destroyed were strewn all over yard while roofs and kitchen shelves that had been cracked and broken could be seen upon scanning the environment.

Scars of burns were equally visible on the family members whose narrations were hair splitting and chilling. The vandalism and injuries were inflicted by the "hot stones" whose throwers remain invisible.

Strangely, the stones are too big for a person to throw around at such frequency and without being detected. The mystical stones only cease when there are strangers or visitors.

Sekuru Manjengwa shows one of the stones

The stones go through the wall without destroying or leaving holes on the outside or burning the grass thatched roof.

Though the stones were never thrown during The Manica Post's presence, the intricate details that emerged throughout the interview was spine chilling.

"We had to run away because we were being pelted with the hot stones. This place is not habitable. We have become the laughing stock of the whole village and nobody is prepared to give us refuge and food. It started on May 9, this year and a lasting solution has been elusive since then. The stones follow us everywhere we go and we are being asked to leave people's homes as we continued to be pelted with the hot stones," said Future.

She said the stones followed them at Mazorodze, Masunga and Chaka homesteads where they had sought refuge.

"We have sought solutions from seven prophets and a traditional healer, but it was all in vain because the attack has not ceased. We cannot hide as the invisible attacker is always in hot pursuit. You may not believe it, but it's real. We are all injured and our household property was damaged. The stones are hot like mapfihwa ari pamoto.

"We do not sleep at all; we spend nights in mountains, with these little babies. It's so tough and painful to spend cold evenings in the open. All we need is a rest and lasting solution to this problem. Our mother (Lydia Manjengwa) has gone to Makumbe Mission to look for one prophet we were referred to. We cannot live like this, it's too difficult," said Future.

Tafadzwa said it was difficult to stay in a family like this.

"Sometimes I think of leaving him (Farai) and return to my family alive. I am too young to be exposed to this kind of life, but am staying because I love him and we have been staying very well as a family before this. These strange happenings want to spill the blood and something must be done before it's too late. Chiri kuda mutumbi wemunhu. Ngavafambe semhuri," said Tafadzwa.

Mapingire holds up one of the big stones used in the attack

Farai, who is Lydia's eldest son, has not helped matters, with suspicions abound that the fluctuation of his mental strength was also the latest bone of contention in the dynasty.

Lydia, rejoined her native Manjengwa family in 1996 following irreconcilable differences with Madhimbe Mutondondo Mashiri, who later died in 2001.

The Manjengwa – who are the village heads, gave her a portion of land to stay.

The family is now divided over the mystical occurrences, amid suspicion that one of the dynasty members possesses goblins – which is now giving their sister and family sleepless nights.

This was allegedly bolstered by one Madzibaba Washy in his ‘prophetic utterances'.

Mr Tedious Manjengwa (70), who is always by Lydia's side in pursuit of a lasting solution, said its embarrassing that they were not working together as a family.

"This is our home and she is our sister, and as the Manjengwas we superintend over this homestead and family. What is happening here is troubling me; it is giving me sleepless nights. I do not have peace of mind, and I am looking for someone who can use whatever powers to unpack the whole mystery, and if possible, send these mysterious hot stones back to the sender. I want the person responsible for these terrible things to be named and shamed.

"I suspect someone in this family is up to no good. Someone should know what is happening. This is an issue we should be putting our heads together as a family, but it is only myself and Lydia showing concern. I just want these things to be sent back and cause trouble in the owner's family. Ngazviite yowe-yowe kumuridzi wazvo," he said in riddles.

His wife Viola Kobe interjected saying within the Manjengwa family someone was using charm to enhance their business.

"Now look at this," she fumed, "zvamuri kuita mumusha muno zvakashata. Using charms to get riches is dangerous. The bad thing is that it is haunting an innocent poor widow and her children while those responsible are staying pretty well. This is evil, and should be exposed. These are not the only ones suffering; I have nine daughters who are also suffering different challenges neurombwa hwemumusha muno. It's evil and unfair".

Kobe was bold enough to repeat an account by one of the prophets.

"The spirit of an identified family member (name supplied) spoke through aunt Lydia.

"It first identified itself, and admitted to being responsible for throwing the stones arguing that it wanted a human head to sacrifice and enhance a kombi business.

"The prophet told this family that the solution was from within. The prophet left in a huff because the family went on to hire other prophets before exhausting what he had instructed," said Kobe.

Another elderly community woman, who refused to be named, was equally brutal as she argued that the unscientific occurrence has its origin and solution in the Manjengwa family.

"This is an issue for the Manjengwas to solve to finality. Look, Lydia is just a defenceless and poor widow. Hanzvadzi dzake dzakatsigisa misha yadzo, asi iye ishirikadzi isina mutariri ndokwavanokandira mhepo dzakashata ikoku kwaari nokuti hakuna anodzivhara. Ndezvemumusha muno izvi," said the grey haired woman.

A relative, Mr Jealous Mapingire said at first he doubted the Manjengwa's account until he encountered three stones being thrown at them.

"I saw one huge stone being thrown at Moses Masunga's homestead where they had sought refuge. I saw it with my eyes, and when I touched it, it was hot like it was coming from a blast furnace.

"I gathered the stones with a view to burn them because they are evil. I still have the stone at my house because I still want to destroy them. Imagine if such stones could hit a child, the child will die.

"The family has been ostracised, nobody wants to entertain them for fear of being pelted.

"I wonder what kind of magic, because the stones were so heavy and you would not expect such stones to rise on their own," said Mr Mapingire.

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