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Wicknell hits back at haters

by Staff reporter
01 Jul 2017 at 15:05hrs | Views
OF late, pompous businessman, Wicknell Chivayo, has not been active on social media networks but when people started mocking him earlier this week after an image showing that his new top-of-the-range Mercedes Benz had been clamped by the Harare city council started circulating, he was active once again, trying to justify his wealth.

Sir Wicknell, as he has come to be known, had parked his car in the Harare city centre and probably did not have a parking disc which led the council to clamp his car.

This excited many who started mocking the businessman popularly known for flaunting his wealth. They said Wicknell was likely broke as he did not have a dollar to buy the parking disc, something Sir has taken to heart judging by his responses on Facebook.

In his defence, Sir Wicknell said: "Poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of ideas and the will power to sacrifice hard work. I was actually very surprised when this picture went viral worldwide. Cars get clamped everyday in town and there's absolutely nothing surprising about that.

"This life of being a millionaire is very interesting because every hopeless broke person wakes up to try and analyse how you're living your day to day life with the hope that you're down to their level.

"The absurd conclusion was obviously that my car was clamped because I failed to pay two dollars. Let's put it this way that assumption was indeed very correct, but at least be reasonable enough to give me credit for the $300 000 I had to buy the car and not the $2 I supposedly don't have."

On Thursday, he posted stashes of $100 and $50 notes on Facebook to show people that he had a lot of money and also explained why he was keeping a low profile.
"The older you get the more quiet you become. As a matter of fact, life humbles you so deeply as you age. You begin to realise how much nonsense you've wasted time and energy on. That's the main reason you've seen me hardly posting anything, slowing down on posting money or constantly displaying the opulent lifestyle I live.

"I also realised it also makes a significant contribution to the hatred, jealousy and envy caused among fellow struggling citizens failing to make it. Over and above that, I felt posting money when there's a cash crisis like this is irrational. I don't fold under pressure, champions like me actually perform better under pressure, so please keep putting more pressure on me," said Sir Wicknell.

Yesterday, he posted his Econet bill of $11 500 also as a way to show that he was still living the opulent life.

"Let's not misdirect ourselves wasting all our energy and time talking about parking fees, clamping of expensive cars etc. To cut a long story short, I feel it's important for you to know my Econet phone bill alone for May-June as a VIP Platinum high user was $11 500.

"At some stage in my life, I also used to buy dollar text, dollar calling and three dollars monthly WhatsApp bundles but God is great, I'm on a new level."

Even after his efforts, people still bashed him saying he needed to be humble.

"I bet there're people out there who spend more than this, but are just humble enough to live their lives privately. Just humble yourself," posted one user.

Wrote Jerry Nyauta: "You are stooping too low. It's a fact you have money but there's no need to parade and follow up on every article you read. Your trying to show off does not come from a place of setting the record straight, but from a place of prideā€¦Pride we all know God hates, live your life and don't try to prove a point to anyone."

Source - Chronicle