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Chiwenga UKZN Thesis: String of errors unearthed, who wrote it?

by Staff reporter
11 Jul 2017 at 15:06hrs | Views
HIGHER education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has told the Mnangagwa-led and State-owned Herald newspaper to go hang after the publication sought a comment on claims that defence forces chief General Constantino Chiwenga fraudulently acquired his PhD.

Chiwenga's controversial thesis, a 321 page document has raised more questions than answers.

According to, Prof Moyo, recently questioned the defence chief's PhD from University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, challenging General Chiwenga to come clean on the real authors of 'his' dissertation.

The fall-out is rooted in the Command Agriculture scheme associated with Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa's Lacoste Zanu-PF faction which Moyo has criticised as a successionist programme.

Refusing the Herald's interview request Tuesday, Moyo said if the paper afforded Chiwenga media space to maliciously defame him without evidence, it follows that they should also not demand him to back-up the PhD fraud allegation

"These people have no shame at all," Moyo said this Tuesday.

"They gave Chiwenga acres and acres of space to, without any shred of evidence to support his false and defamatory allegations calling me an enemy of the state, a homosexual, a war deserter, Baba Jukwa and blatantly lying that in my books I wrote that I would destroy Zanu-PF from within and worse lying through his teeth that I got him (Chiwenga) sentenced to death at Mgagao in March 1975 when I was nowhere Mgagao throughout 1975 let alone in March 1975."

He added, "Now they want me to back allegations that Chiwenga had his UKZN dissertation written for him. Did they ask Chiwenga to back up his nonsensical allegation that in my books I wrote about destroying Zanu-PF from within?

"Have they asked him to give supporting evidence about any of the unlawful threats & defamatory allegations made against me by Chiwenga in the Herald?"

In his theis, Chiwenga thanked Mr George Charamba for assisting with the language editing of the whole thesis raising the suspicion that he may not the original author. Prof Jonathan Moyo was not been acknowledged in this thesis

A senior staff member at Zimbabwe Staff College said, "There you go, anyone can write on behalf on another. The viva voce exam is meant to get a person to defend his thesis. I'm really shocked that there is no academic defence system in SA universities".

Source - newzimbabwe