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Mujuru savages 'selfish' Grace Mugabe

by Staff reporter
20 Jul 2017 at 06:51hrs | Views
FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has hit out at First Lady Grace Mugabe (pictured), describing her as a selfish person, with no regard for suffering Zimbabweans.

The First Lady made headlines after she allegedly grabbed Mazowe Dam for her personal use a few months after she was again in the news for purchasing a $1,3 million diamond ring to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

Mujuru said Grace's latest actions proved that she was a selfish person.

"What can I say about her, she is just a selfish person, and how can one take a whole dam that is for the survival of many people," she said.

"That dam, mind you, was built by the government, not for one person, but the entire community."

Now leading National People's Party (NPP), Mujuru said a First Lady should be empathetic and feel for suffering Zimbabweans, instead of spending lavishly in the face of poverty.

"She spent $1,4 million buying a diamond ring at a time where there is no medicine in hospitals [and] thousands are without shelter in Chingwizi and Tsholotsho," she said.

Grace led the blitz against Mujuru, which saw the latter being ousted from both Zanu-PF and the government.

Mujuru said she held no ill-feelings against Grace.

"I lose no sleep over the things she said to me because there is no grain of truth; there were all lies to just flush me out because I posed a threat to them. I hold not ill feelings whatsoever," she said.

Grace has been accused of invading numerous properties in Mazowe.

Incidentally, during her blitz against Mujuru, Grace described her as greedy, saying she had grabbed 10% shareholding in all companies.

Source - newsday