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Cruel lover leaks indecent pictures

by Staff reporter
20 Jul 2017 at 17:07hrs | Views
A JILTED lover posted indecent photographs of his live-in-lover on a WhatsApp group with more than 300 people after discovering photographs of different men in her mobile phone, H-Metro reported.

Munashe Hebert Runganga posted indecent photographs of Ratidzo Masenda showing her private parts on a WhatsApp group accusing her of dating several men while he was serving a jail term.

Runganga confirmed posting the photographs saying Ratidzo has been abusing him sexually to the extent of forcing him to engage in unprotected sex without getting tested for HIV and starving his children.

"I am the one who posted the indecent photographs of Ratidzo, she is so cruel that she ruined my life and family by making sure I got arrested before starving my children," said Runganga.

"She admired me while I was a vendor at Ximex Mall and seduced me that we ended up having unprotected sex without getting tested following the death of her husband.

"She would not allow me to talk to other ladies or even save a female contact number in my mobile phone. She would harass my female clients that I ended up joining her in selling clothes at Avondale Flea market.

"Indulging in sex was what she was after and whenever I asked her to excuse me to see my children, she would get me arrested accusing me of stealing kitchen utensils like knives.

"I used to walk with a knife as protection since I was used to go to Chitungwiza where we live late fearing robbers.

"I served a six-month jail term after she got me arrested and she would visit me with affidavit forms asking me to sign papers to show that I am married to her when we were just lovers.

"She threatened me with further accusations leading to arrest if I do not comply with her demand to marry her.

"I discovered photographs of different men in her mobile phone and this proves that she was dating all these men while I was in prison and I felt betrayed and saw it fit to expose her indecent photographs.

"She has been bedding different young men and after confronting her about this, she claims they were doing business," said Runganga.

Ratidzo confirmed her differences with Runganga saying she has lodged a complaint with the police against Runganga for posting her indecent photographs on a WhatsApp group.

"I have reported the case to police and whoever is going to continue posting the indecent photographs of my body I will sue the person," said Ratidzo.

"My lawyers are now handling the case, Runganga is my husband and who knows, maybe he forced me to pose for the photographs at knife point or at my own will.

"I stand to be advised by my lawyer but what I can tell you for now is that I am seeking guidance from the lawyer and he advised me not to comment before I give him full details of the story

"I will call you later since I have your contact number, please do not publish this," said Ratidzo.

Source - hmetro