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MRP members released on $5 fine

by Staff reporter
06 Aug 2017 at 13:30hrs | Views
Police in Bulawayo on Saturday arrested Mthwakazi Republic Party official at for alleged public drinking and later released him of $5 fine.
MRP President Mqondisi Moyo confirmed the police had arrested Innocent Ndlovu at Food lovers business premises in Bradfield Bulawayo accusing him of drinking beer in public.

He said he was later released after being ordered to pay  $5 admission of guilty fine.

Soon after his release the team MRP and Ndlovu took pictures in front o the police station displaying the receipt of the fine.

In the picture is MRP President Moyo and Innocent Ndlovu displaying the receipt from the police for five dollars fine which they said it was a fine for public drinking whilst Innocent Ndlovu has never tested alcohol in his life.

"The overzealous and ZANU PF police had first charged Innocent Ndlovu for unlawful demonstration whilst he was arrested very far away from the vicinity of KFC," Moyo said.

"The policing standards of this country are so much fallen and out of this world. We as a party condemn the barbaric act by the misguided and Satanic ZRP police, whom we fill should now be called ZANU REPUBLIC POLICE because they are dirty like their mother ZANU PF, a party known for brutality and murderous activities. We remain confident that justice will prevail sooner than later."

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