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Grace Mugabe on wanted list of SA police - MLF

by Stephen Jakes
18 Aug 2017 at 07:12hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front has said it does not shock them to learn that first lady Grace Mugabe is on the wanted list of the South African police for human rights violation.

David Magagula said that is the typical Mugabes.

"We are glad she has justified the reasons why Mthwakazi people want out of Zimbabwe. Mthwakazi people are respectful people who can not stand to be disgraced like Grace did. A mother of the nation who goes around fighting in neighbourhoods!  Recently it was their children who were making headlines for ill discipline today it is their mother, while their father is terrorising in Zimbabwe. There is a Ndebele saying that says, ' umfazi wesigebengu laye yisigebengu' and the other that goes as 'udiwo lufuze imbiza'. Robert and Grace and their children are simply a nuisance meant by the two sayings," he said.
"Mugabes are used to doing worse things to Zimbabwe because they are Law unto themselves. They have the shortest memmories human beings may possess. They do not know that Zimbabwe is lawless while South Africa is a country that is run under the Rule Of Law. As MLF we  urge the SA laws to be applied fully without fear or favour. This is the time for SA to prove to the whole world that they are a country run on fair justice for all. We do not expect any leniency because the is the so called first lady. If she was one then she ought to know how to behave in her bedroom, in public and on foreign lands."

"We wait to see and judge for ourselves if this lesson by Disgrace will open the eyes and ears of the Government of South Africa. For more than 10 years now, we have been telling South Africans how the Mugabes treat Zimbabweans as their chickens. They decide who to rape,maim or kill and they do that with impunity and always get away with it. If the SA government does nothing on this case then the world will know that SA is going down the drain just the same way Zimbabwe did."

He said as the Mthwakazi nation we have been and continue to live under such treatment from the so called Zimbabwe first family.        

"What worsens the whole issue is the fact that she committed this barbaric crime during the Women month. We all are honoring  all the sacrifices done and being done by all women. This is the time when we show all the respect and love to our Imbokodo but someone without any human rights respect goes ahead to do such filthy deeds. We do not wonder because news reaching us is that even the Dictator is walloped every morning when he soils his linen-something induced in him by the advanced age but because he chose it, then we say let it be," he said.

"How on earth would he lust for a kid 3times his junior. So Disgrace thinks that what ever she does to her ailing husband can be tolerated in democratic countries. South Africa MUST defend her children-rich or poor especially women and children.  Minister Mbalula must show no mercy. This is the time for him to prove that his charges are not biased towards the statuses of individuals but he fights evil regardless of the status of the person behind it."

He said  Mbalula is on record of saying his charges will deal effectively with the lawless Zimbabwe army deserters for their participation in crimes in South Africa. He has to demand that she is tried, failure of which diplomatic ties must be checked.

"As Mlf, we view Grace's attacks on the young girl as nothing different from what he was lamenting on.  We now believe that the world will appreciate that the masses really suffer under Mugabe and his wife. Some body somewhere please help protect the poor from this marauding family," he said.

Source - Byo24News