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Zenzele backs Mzilikazi II

by Staff reporter
28 Aug 2017 at 18:54hrs | Views
As the Mighty King Mzilikazi left KZN before it was named, nobody knew that he will, together with Mambo Sinemhulu, will build such a mighty and wonderful Mthwakazi Kingdom. The journey proved to be futile frightening and long but he persevered though till he reached the today named Mthwakazi Kingdom which is captured by the Zwimbagwen government. Greetings Mighty Mthwakazians in the name of we love you all.

Zenzele Mthwakazi it's a party that has its roots centered in nothing but the Mthwakazi Kingdom. We knew that Mthwakazi was and could never be anything else apart from being a Kingdom. We were governed by iSilo esinguMzilikazi leNkosi uMambo while King Lobhengula took over after ukukhothama kukayise uMzilikazi.

So as Zenzele Mthwakazi giants, we know our history that is enveloped by the legal hard core which is "ubuntu ". We live as a community and "umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu " of which abelungu say it's nonsense but as Africans, that's how we live.

A king under a republican type of a government, is nothing but a stooge that will be ordered to stand up and sit down "kungelanto angayitsho". Once he condemns ezinye izinto ezimbi ezenziwa yilowo Hulumende, uyabotshwa. We find it so interesting as well as stupidity that the image of the Mighty King Mzilikazi-Mambo and Lobhengula has been reduced to nothing but ashes of "Ndebele Cultural King".
Sekubuyiselwa iNkosi yamasiko koMthwakazi ezaholiswa nguHulumende waseZwimbagwe of which we as Zenzele Mthwakazi giants, we regard it as nonsense and cowardice portrayed by the so-called "ROYAL FAMILY ". We now, cannot differentiate the Khumalo family from the Mugabe family as they prove to be one thing. Sekusele ukuthi sizwe amaKhumalo setaura isotone.

By supporting SRK who has been a man enough to rubbish the coffin Zwimbagwen government and remain in Zwimbagwe, proves that the Mthwakazi Kingdom still lives. But the only problem are the cowards from the "royal family".

Zwide the co-founder of the Mzilikazi Cultural Association, made it crystal clear that Mthwakazism it's nothing but crap and they are ok with us being Zwimbagwens. This has left Zenzele Mthwakazi with no option rather than to support SRK, as we all know that Mthwakazi was never a Republic.

Two respective dates are set before us the people of Mthwakazi whereby we will have uBulelani Lobhengula Khumalo egcotshwa esiba yiNkosi yesiko ezaholiswa nguMgabe. The very same insane day, uZwide laye will be there ebufuna lobobukhosi bamasiko.

Yes, we cannot dispute the fact yokuthi iNkosi kumele iphume endlini kaLobhengula ngokwesiko lakithi kodwa bakhombise ubugwala obudlula ubugwala abendlunkulu.

We are scattered all over the world and bazositshela ngamasiko. Azasinceda ngani? Msebenzi muni ozaphuma ekugcinweni kwesiko ekubeni amaZwimbagweni ezenzela phezu kwethu?

We are in full force rallying behind His Royal Majesty SRK asidlali. Sifuna uMthwakazi njengayizolo. To wait, we will wait forever. Abamfuzanga uyisemkhulu bangamagwala okucina.

Coming to the issue of elections next year, Zenzele Mthwakazi has taken a firm stand in resistance to the so-called elections as they are already stolen. To partake in such stupidity, will be nothing but total selling Mthwakazi cheaply to the Zwimbagwens for the rest of our lives. Gukurahundi bill was proposed and heavily rejected by the majority in parliament which are nothing but Zwimbagwens.

The Zimbagwen parliament has 210 Mps of which less than 100 are from Mthwakazi. Now, if the referendum Bill will be proposed, they will vote against it and we remain an opposition political party in Zwimbagwe. As the President of Zenzele Mthwakazi has taken such a move, alternatives to Mthwakazi restoration are to be taken in favour of the Mthwakazi nation. Zenzele Mthwakazi will not participate in the Zwimbagwen elections which are scheduled to take place next year.

Lastly, we were not fighting Stanley as some say. We had to defend the throne for the rightful heir who is to come from the Lobhengula descendants. And we all know that. Now that the Royal Family decided to reinstate the Mthwakazi cultural king, we distance ourselves from such a cowardice move and align ourselves with SRK who is rightfully behind Mthwakazi Kingdom Restoration. On the 12 of September this year, Mthwakazi must have declared as an independent state. Alternatives are already put in place if failure comes by our way.

Bayethe SRK Bayethe!

To round up, MRP officials must free their supporters from bondage as they are in support of Mthwakazi Kingdom under SRK while republicanism is against such. We all know that Mthwakazi was never a republic but a Kingdom. If we are restoring what was there, we shouldn't come up with a different type of government but we must modernise the Kingdom. Make it democratic whereby the will of the people and their rights exercised. We should know ukuthi kumele silwe njan ukuze sinqobe. Those that are against SRK are indeed against Mthwakazi Restoration

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