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Anger at Anne Nhira over Zodwa Wabantu ban

by Staff reporter
31 Aug 2017 at 06:39hrs | Views
ACTRESS Anne Nhira, popularly known as Vimbai Jari from Studio 263, has become "Public Enemy Number One" after seemingly getting Zodwa Wabantu banned from performing at the Harare International Carnival (HIC).

A jubilant Nhira on Tuesday evening posted a letter signed by acting Minister of Tourism and Hospitality – Patrick Zhuwao – saying the ministry had received her complaint and "may" bar Zodwa Wabantu from partaking in the carnival festivities.

"I'm ecstatic that the Zimbabwean government has responded quickly to my letter of objection about Zodwa Wabantu coming to Zimbabwe. She'll no longer be attending the Zimbabwe National Tourism Carnival event.

"The Zimbabwean Government has made the decision and I'm happy with their decision as stated in the letter from the Acting Minister of Tourism – Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, Honourable Patrick Zhuwao after receiving my letter of concern together with Ministry of Women Affairs and Ministry of Rural Development," posted Nhira.

This was after the actress had written a letter questioning why Zodwa, a South African whom she referred to as a socialite who dances with no underwear, had been invited to perform at the carnival which kicks off tomorrow.

"…Zodwa dances with no panties and posts indecent pictures on social media. How does that qualify her to be a Zimbabwe national tourist attraction and to attend a function of the highest stature this year," she asked.

"If the country had to have a woman known for dancing, how about our very own Beverly who's actually done a great job representing us worldwide, but has been ridiculed for years for her dance moves?"

She also suggested that the money that would be paid to Zodwa for her appearance at the carnival be given to other talented locals.

"We have one of the highest unemployment rates and whatever Zodwa, a South African provocateur who's not even one of the top socialites in South Africa is getting paid, could have gone to another young Zimbabwean woman who has worked tirelessly and does so decently, or a dancer if the intention was that particular. We have dancers and socialites in Zimbabwe who would benefit from this National Tourist exposure."

In his letter, Zhuwao wrote: "I acknowledge your complaint on the appearance of Zodwa Wabantu at the Harare International Carnival. Government position is that the artiste concerned may not participate at the Harare International Carnival.

"In this regard, relevant authorities have been notified."

After the letter was leaked to the public through the overjoyed Nhira who posted it on her Facebook page, brutal comments ensued with people criticising Nhira for her actions.

Most described her as a washed up actress who was trying to seek relevance with others, including Skyz Metro FM presenter, Babongile Sikhonjwa, calling on the SA government to deport Nhira.

However, Nhira might have jumped the gun too soon as the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, organisers of the HIC, seemed to be in the dark with regards to the ban.

"I'm hearing this ban from you and we're equally surprised. Our programme still stands until we receive the ban order. This is because during the Samba Night at Private Lounge, we have the likes of Zodwa, Bev and Zoey set to perform," said Sugar Chagonda, the ZTA spokesperson.

Responding to Nhira yesterday, Zodwa Wabantu, who spoke to TshisaLive, said the SA-based actress was jealous.

"To be honest, I don't even understand where she's coming from. If I was a nobody, I wouldn't have received the invite in the first place. So maybe it comes from a place of jealousy. "Why would a person just randomly write such a letter?" Zodwa told TshisaLive.

Zodwa, who held a successful show in Bulawayo last month, said she was clueless who Nhira was until the complaint and believes it is dividing the African continent. "I don't even know who that woman is, but I feel she is causing more damage. I went through her Facebook and because of the support that I have – people were attacking her. They were saying her actions might even cause xenophobic attacks.

"The carnival is meant to unite the continent and attract people to Zimbabwe for tourism, but she is working against that," Zodwa said.

It was however, unclear whether Zodwa would be travelling to Harare next weekend for her appearance at the Carnival Samba Night.

"I'll remain Zodwa whether I perform there or not. For her, people will now know who she is because of me," she said.
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