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Gutu woman celebrates 100th birthday

by Staff Reporter
04 Sep 2017 at 18:47hrs | Views
After reaching a 100 years, one would probably have seen and heard it all - the changes in the way of doing things and the developments in society.

Mbuya Hendrina Maravanyika from Munyaradzi village in Gutu recently turned 100 and the ZBC News sat down with the centenarian to understand a bit on story of life.

In cricket a century gets you a standing ovation and acknowledgment from your peers.

In Gutu, 100 not out for Mbuya Maravanyika is just a cause for celebrations.

She might never get to live the 969 years enjoyed by the biblical Methuselah but at 100 years now, Mbuya Maravanyika has become a reservoir of wisdom, an enigma for many who have tried diets, exercising and all sorts of abstinence or lifestyles to earn themselves long life.

Meeting the centenarian was also an honour for this news crew and she says her life has been a blessing from God.

"It is just God's grace. Most of my peers are dead, even some of my children," she said.

Born in a family with 16 children, Mbuya Maravanyika decided to search for a job after standard 6 to help her father educate her siblings.

She then married and had five children who have given her seven grandchildren.

"I would have loved to have more grandchildren but due to modernity, my children did not want to have many children," she said.

To today`s young people, Mbuya Maravanyika said the changing times must not lead them into wayward behaviour.

She blamed the easy access to contraceptives as the reason for the loose morals as young girls are no longer scared of getting pregnant.

Mbuya Maravanyika would love a society where the younger people heed the advice of their elders and abstain from substance abuse as well as premarital sex.

Source - zbc