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Mbizo Khumalo backs Mzilikazi II, denounces opponents

by Thembani Dube
11 Sep 2017 at 16:04hrs | Views
A  descendant of King Mzilikazi Khumalo whose great grandfather was a sibling of Sikhonkwane Khumalo, a son of King Mzilikazi, Mbizo Khumalo has criticised those opposed to Mzilikazi II's ascendancy to the throne.

Mbizo has made pot shots in the direction of the Pro-Bulelani camp stating that "Akulamuntu ohamba ngenyawo ezimbili njengenkukhu ongaphikisa lokhu esihamba ngakho ngaphandle eyiNgilosi evela eZulwini" (No human being can oppose this unless if one is an Angel from God's Paradise).

Mbizo Khumalo lives in Wankie area and is solidly behind HRM King Mzilikazi II. Mbizo reportedly owns a firearm that was officially given to King Lobhengula as a present to the Kingdom before the Kingdom fell in 1893.

Mzilikazi II is being installed on the 12th of September 2017, this coming Tuesday and preparations are reported to be at an advanced stage with great anticipation from uMthwakazi. The event is billed to take place at the Trade Fair Grounds in one of the Arenas there, alongside Hillside Road in Bulawayo. Mzilikazi II's spokesperson reports that all is going according to plan and that things are "hotting up" on the ground.

Mzilikazi II has declared that he will raise a Mthwakazi flag on this day and declare uMthwakazi Kingdom free. He has had a close shave with the Zimbabwean Police and Security agents due to declaring his intentions of freeing uMthwakazi. He was arrested by the police and then released last week and appears to be under the hawkish eye of the establishment as he prepares for his coronation.

As preparations come to the final end, it appears the security of Mzilikazi II and his team continues to be at stake. Mzilikazi II's Spokesperson released a statement yesterday saying informers from the Police in Bulawayo released information to them indicating there were plans to get Mzilikazi II abducted by security agents in order to ensure that the event does not go ahead. There are accusations that the attempts to have Mzilikazi II abducted also involve the works of the 5th Column within Mthwakazi that are against SRK.

Meanwhile, Nhlanhla Khumalo, from the Mzilikazi Association, is quoted as calling on people to attend the Mzilikazi Day Commemorations on Saturday in order that they can learn about how Kings are chosen and installed. He has lashed out at those supporting Mzilikazi II, describing them as "criminal elements".

The Saturday event, though a yearly commemorative remembrance event for King Mzilikazi, has been billed as an opportunity to introduce South African-based Prince Bulelani Collins Lobhengula as the new King of Mthwakazi.

Meanwhile, Mthwakazi Restoration activists are preparing for a massive show of support for Mzilikazi II's coronation on the 12th of September 2017 and are mobilising uMthwakazi to attend in large numbers. Mzilikazi II is calling for the total Restoration of Matebeleland as a Kingdom and his message resonates well with Restorationists in Mthwakazi.

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