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Mugabe is 'dying' this day next month - Pastor Mugadza

by Stephen Jakes
17 Sep 2017 at 09:08hrs | Views
Today its just a month before Pastor Philip Mugadza's prophesy that President Robert Mugabe will die on October 17 this year is proven true or not and if this might  not happen it means serious repercussions for the pastor.

Pastor Mugadza prophesied sometime this year that he was shown a message from God that Mugabe will die on October 17 this year.

This led to his arrest and detention. His case is still pending in the courts but he has insisted that it was not his message personal he was just given the message by God.

He has also come out in another video on You Tube condemning Mugabe that he at some point said he is not dying as if he was insinuating that he will live to continue to inflict more suffering on citizens like he has done in the past 37 years of his misrule.

He said instead of president bragging that he is not dying he should be doing like what Ezekiel did when a message from God came to him that he will die.

Mugadza said Ezekiel did not argue whether it was true or false but knelt and faced the wall before praying to God asking that his years of living should be increased.

He said as for Mugabe it would need a reason as to why he should ask God to give him more years either to make people suffer more as he has done but f he is doing good it will mean for him to live to continue doing good for the people.

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