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'Ndebeles are actually Shona'

by Staff reporter
20 Sep 2017 at 06:47hrs | Views
THE NDEBELE people of Zimbabwe are so ignorant of the fact that they are actually Shona to the extent that white people take advantage of their situation to cause divisions in the country, Zimbabwe Heritage Trust (ZHT) CEO, Pritchard Zhou, said on Tuesday.

Accordingt o, Zhou was addressing a workshop on National Consciousness and the Role of Music in Nation Building organized by ZHT in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association in Harare.

He said the West was playing a tribal card to divide Zimbabweans adding that most regime change agenda programmes were found in Matebeleland.

"Matebeleland is designed to remove President Robert Mugabe. If you go to Bulawayo, you will find that nine floors on a building house NGOs. The message they get is that Mugabe is not your leader," Zhou said.

He said community initiatives such as Radio Dialogue, a not for profit community radio station aspiring to broadcast to the community of Bulawayo and its surrounding areas, were funded by the West to demonize the country and its leaders.

"Radio Dialogue is run by a Serbian national and its job is to record literature that speaks ill about Zimbabwean government and Zanu PF which is then broadcast on Studio 7 in the evening. That is why the USA has supplied shortwave radios which are given to taxi drivers," he claimed.

He then said the Ndebele's were ignorant of their history and thought they originated from neighboring South Africa when they were actually Shonas whose language was contaminated.

"The Ndebeles didn't come from South Africa; they are as Shona as anyone in terms of the blood that runs in them save for their Ndebele language. These are divide and rule tactics being used because people don't know their history. The white man uses lack of understanding of history to their advantage," he said.

He said Matopos, where the late Cecil John Rhodes is buried, was home to the Christian movement, which he said was used to spread the white man's propaganda.

"Matebeleland South is the home of the Mwari (God) religion. If you go to Matopos you find at every high place there is a cross and we all know a cross is a Christian propaganda," he said, adding the West was bent on removing African governments that were pro-people and replacing them with their own puppets.

Source - newzimbabwe