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Libido products flood Zimbabwe

by Staff reporter
06 Feb 2012 at 05:12hrs | Views
AN illegal trade in unregistered libido-enhancing products is thriving in Harare, putting many people's lives at risk.

While libido-enhancing products have always been part of the Zimbabwean traditional medicines, imported products seem to be gaining more popularity and, unlike Viagra, men are not shy to openly buy the products.

The products are being sold openly at bars, open-air entertainment joints and even in central Harare. Among the products is Viamax Power coffee, which is mixed with either opaque or clear beer. "They are the in-thing," said a man who requested anonymity.

"Many of my friends have told me about them and how good they are. I intend to try them in my next relationship as I currently do not have a girlfriend."

There are unconfirmed reports that one man was arrested for rape when his girlfriend failed to turn up after he had taken the medicine while another suffered from high blood pressure after taking an overdose of the coffee.

The products are said to boost men's sexual performance by increasing the size of the male organ. There are also claims, published in adverts in local newspapers, that they enable men to improve potency.

Some are said to ease erectile dysfunction.

A snap survey in Harare showed the products, imported mostly from China and ranging from capsules, lotions, teas and coffee, are selling like hot cakes despite the high cost of some of them.

At one shop, the saleslady showed reporters several empty containers to prove she had run out of capsules, only a week after receiving them from her "overseas" supplier.
Among popular ones is a 25g bottle containing a vaseline-like product going for US$150. "This one is for elongating the organ and also increasing its circumference," the lady explained. "The man just smears the product on his organ and his problem is fixed."

She said a lot of couples and men come back to thank them after using the products. Also popular is the Viamax coffee, which is mixed with water or drinks and taken 15 minutes before going to bed. It costs US$10. To match their men's enhanced performance, women can also buy coffee specifically made for them.

Also in demand are the capsules, ranging from 50 cents per tablet to US$60 for a bottle of 30. These are said to generally improve sexual performance.

Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) acting director-general Gugu Mhlanga said the sale of libido-enhancing products was illegal.

She said MCAZ does not condone or encourage the use of the products as men would be putting themselves at risk of exposure to chemicals that can have serious side effects if taken by individuals with other health problems.

Mahlangu said controlling the importation of the products was being scuttled by the fact that they were often imported as food supplements and not medicines.

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