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Mthwakazi party blasts dotard Mugabe

by Stephen Jakes
24 Sep 2017 at 08:21hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said it is a concern that Mugabe is gullible to notice that his hypocrisy tactics never worked and would not be activated in Mthwakazi.

"We condemn the release of a 3 plus million to the Bulawayo City Council to resuscitate the roads because they are having a youth interface rally. In simple terms this Shona demonic government is simply attributing that Bulawayo only get to test a small fraction of development when it is towards elections and when Mugabe is visiting Bulawayo what a curse. Last time he promised 2 million jobs and retrenched more than 2 million. This time around what is he going to tell the people of Bulawayo that is new," said MRP.

"The Bulawayo City Council must view this with wisdom. In fact as MRP we are going to ensure a city council that is devolved from the central government. The people of Bulawayo must be aware of the fact that, this three million is not given by the government but it is the smallest fraction of their money taken to Harare and then returned in small quantities. Mugabe and his government are a shame to our people."

The party aid if it was not because of the implementation of the 1979 grand plan whose policy is to loot Bulawayo resources, Bulawayo City Council could be the best run city in the world.

"The Shona people have truly crippled our once respected city. This is simply cheap politicking of the oldest ruthless dictator in this day and age where other countries are enjoying democracy. It is real or a fact, Mugabe would never change, even in hell we are very certain he is going to cause more confusion. In mother earth he would be remembered for killing thousands unarmed civilians and forcefully holding to power at the expense of people dying of poverty and all forms of brutality. He is in deed the "Pharaoh" of our times," said MRP.

"Ironically, he labels Trump as the Goliath failing to notice his villain nature. The United Nations if ever it is serious about preserving the world peace must not give time to Mugabe. His speech at the United Nations did nothing else non other than dividing the World and promoting a very dangerous nuclear war that might sweep all human beings on mother earth."

He said Mugabe if unnoticed is no longer a threat in Zimbabwe and Mthwakazi alone but to the world.

"I wondered seeing the world leaders clapping at him and I noticed that, the world is full of ignorant cool clueless leadership. So  many people in Mthwakazi have died before their time because of sub standard health institutions. A number of people did not leave to fulfil their dreams because of poor policing standards that have seen thousands perish at the hands of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. A survey undertaken by Mthwakazi Research Council in 2017 indicates that a number of people are languishing in prisons due to poor judicial system which is politically manipulated," he said.

"Ever since Zanu PF took over from the British colonialist, the economy have dropped drastically forcing millions to flee out of their beloved country in search of a better leaving. The life expectancy have dropped drastically. The infrastructure that was left by the British colonialist have been destroyed. He has destroyed the local industries."

The party said furthermore, he has destroyed the Mthwakazi education system and crushed their culture and value systems.

"It is in Zimbabwe, whereby having a birth certificate is a luxury. Cars in the city centre move in a road with big holes. He has turned cities to rural areas. Mthwakazi must shame this gullible dictator by not attending this satanic youth program. They should desist from listen to Grace Mugabe with the demonic influence of beating the people. If possible we urge our people not to allow that rally to take place," said MRP.

"Furthermore we call on South Africa judiciary to give a go ahead for Grace Mugabe to be prosecuted. We further call upon the United Nations Court of justice to prosecute Mugabe for humanity crimes. Such criminals as Grace Mugabe and his husband must not move freely around the world because they are a menace in the face of mother earth.Last we urge all our people above the urge of 18 to come home and register to vote. Vote against Shona regime in Mthwakazi come 2018."

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