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Mujuru's prophecy on Bond Notes becomes reality

by Stephen Jakes
25 Sep 2017 at 08:03hrs | Views
National People's Party supporter has claimed that his leader Joice Mujuru's Prophecy on Bond Notes has become a reality today as the economic crisis escalated this month.

Jeffryson Chitando National Spokesperson of the party said Mujuru addressing a rally in Mt Darwin said "Munobirwa nevanhu ava, Zanu-PF yafunga kutora mari yenyu nezvipfuwo zvenyu imi mugosara makabata matissue paper okutoilet!"

"The NPP president Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru attempted to save the people of Zimbabwe by challenging the printing of bond notes in court.The mafia run like government of ZanuPF promised the nation that it will not print bond notes not supported/ backed by foreign currency. The RBZ governor John Mangudya on many occasions declared that, "If bond notes fail, I will resign!"Has he resigned yet???" he said.

"The bond note is now trading on the black market , with some putting a conservative figure of US$1.00 to Zimbabwe Bond notes$1.47.The RBZ is reported (reliable source)to have printed 3 million worth of coins from South Africa for over 5 million Rands .Banks are issuing bond coins on withdrawals whilst the black market has newly printed bond notes .This means ,ZanuPF government has ordered RBZ to print the bond notes to buy foreign currency. The RBZ just like in the Dr Gideon Gono era is printing money to try to " breathe some oxygen into the economically suffocating Zanu PF government."

He said this could be a sign that ZanuPF would like to call for early elections before the voters have not been hard hit by inflation .

"When inflation finally takes its toll after elections, Zanu-PF would have bribed its way back into power.The majority of Zimbabweans would have lost most of their important lifetime saving and will be "holding the valueless bond notes," he said.

"Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru would like to advise Zimbabweans that its important to dispose the Zimbabwean bond notes as soon as you get them.The signs are there for any normal person to see that the 2008 economic situation is within us. The Harare Roadport, Bulawayo World Trade Centre, Masvingo Victoria Hotel World Bank and Beit Bridge TwinTowers Trading and many other Forex Trading areas in the urban areas are all very active with newly printed bond notes trading. What is shocking Zimbabweans is that supermarkets, banks and shops haven't got the straight from mint bond notes."

He said the only meaningful way to stop Zanu PF from this daylight robbery is to register as a voter and vote out Mugabe and his clueless government.

"Whilst Mugabe had to be accompanied by more than 65 delegates to the United Nations, Malawian President had only 17 members. Mugabe took his whole family who are paid $1 500 per day for 10 days each as daily allowance. This shows that Mugabe take these trips as moneymaking trips.Other African Presidents are busy trying to woo investors, Mugabe is either asleep or attacking the potential investors," he said.

"Zimbabweans we should never make a decision mistake which we live with for the next 5 years again.The opportunity to redress our own mistakes is by going to register in our millions and the final battle being to cast that vote against Mugabe and his Zanu PF."

"Bond notes have to go now. Mangudya the bond note has failed - You promised to resign - Do resign Now. In Shona they say , "Makati n'anga yomukadzi haione?" Dr Joice Teurai Ropa has defied this, she warned that bond notes is n't the solution but National People's Party we are the future !!We have the solutions."

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