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Biti allays PDP split claim

by Staff reporter
30 Sep 2017 at 13:37hrs | Views
People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti has allayed claims that his party has split adding that he is leaving the door open for the party's secretary-general Gorden Moyo and his colleagues who purportedly sacked the former Finance minister from the party.

Moyo announced on Thursday that they had sacked Biti as leader of the opposition outfit, claiming Lucia Matibenga is now the new leader of the party.

This followed a misunderstanding over the party's decision to join the MDC Alliance, a coalition of opposition political parties set to battle it out with the President Robert Mugabe-led Zanu-PF government.

However, speaking to journalists after the party's general council meeting yesterday, Biti said nobody has been or will be expelled from the party following the alleged sacking incident.

"I want to mention that this is the PDP, we have all our provincial persons here. So this is our party, it is intact. The PDP has not split and will not split," Biti said.

However, if those that purportedly sacked Biti decided to leave for good, it will be the latest phase of Biti's party splitting after Elton Mangoma left their original formation of the MDC Renewal to form his Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ).

Biti however, took the opportunity yesterday to announce new members who will act in acting capacities of those members that purportedly sacked him.

The acting secretary-general of the party is now Settlement Chikwinya, treasurer Julius Magarangoma, deputy organiser Albert Mhlanga, deputy spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu, secretary for elections Harry Mudzuri and acting chairperson Evelyn Masaiti.

This decision comes after Moyo claimed Biti had violated the party's constitution by joining the MDC Alliance, before purportedly sacking him from the party.

"…Lucia Matibenga is now the president as per the constitution's Article 10.3.1 which provides that in the event that the president and vice president are unable to discharge their duties, the national chair takes over as president," Moyo said.

Moyo also claimed to have dismissed from the party Willias Madzimure, Masaiti, Vince Musewe, Jacob Mafume, Chikwinya and Kucaca Phulu.

Biti said that the party's differences are emanating from the idea of the Alliance, which has been touted as the only way for the opposition to win against Zanu-PF which has been in power since 1980.

"We note that the idea of unity and the principle of unity seem to be causing a challenge in the country, it's not just in the PDP. What is happening in the PDP is also happening in other Alliance partners particularly in the MDC and we note that the challenges appear to be emanating from one region.

"So as a general council we note that at the centre of these challenges is the fact that as a country we have not learnt to manage our differences, we have not learnt to understand that democracy does not mean agreement, democracy does not mean consensus, democracy means managing differences and capitalising on your differences and moving together, because you have differences and let your differences form the creative basis of your energies," Biti said.

He said those that have been replaced will get their positions as soon as they get "sober".

The former Finance minister in the government of national unity also took the opportunity to call for Mugabe's resignation accusing him of failing to improve the country's welfare.

He also said that the country must stop using the surrogate currency of bond notes.

Source - dailynews