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Sikhonjwa to open fraud case against Kwinjo

by Staff reporter
01 Oct 2017 at 10:06hrs | Views
IT'S been almost three years since Bulawayo comedian, socialite and radio personality Babongile Sikhonjwa was involved in a car accident that nearly claimed his life.

The incident is perhaps some of the many he would rather forget, but the scars he suffered from the accident are a constant reminder that he cheated death by a mere whisker. Scars which remind him that he should be forever grateful for the gift of life.

However, a ghost from the time in question has returned to haunt the Ndebele Rock Star, as he is warmly known, from his breakfast show on Skyz Metro FM.

The ghost, not in the form of a poltergeist but in the form of a debt! The debt was accrued from the accident, where it is claimed that he crashed a Mercedes Benz C230 that he had allegedly taken from a car sale for a test drive.

Recently the ghost identified as Bright Kwinjo has come back to haunt him, where the latter is accusing Sikhonjwa of failing to pay for the wrecked Merc.

Clawing its way from the depths of the abyss, Kwinjo alleges that Sikhonjwa has to this date failed to compensate him for his car, for which he is claiming $6 000.

" . . . as you can see from the documents, I have been chasing him for years and to this date he still hasn't sorted the issue out. He bought a Limousine some years ago and I know that he makes money from his various gigs and has even been endorsed by a big company recently. I also understand that he is opening a bar in town, yet he is failing to pay me. He is also gainfully employed, so I really wonder why he is failing to meet his end of the bargain," said Kwinjo.

According to court documents dated 30 September 2015, Kwinjo was offered a writ of execution to attach property from Sikhonjwa. The writ stated that Kwinjo through the court could attach property worth $6 000.

"When the writ was granted he moved from the address he had provided at the courts," said Kwinjo.

However, Sikhonjwa refuted the claims, saying that he had in fact given Kwinjo a BMW 318.

"The guy is lying. I gave him a BMW 318 in settlement of the cost. He also sold the wreckage of the Benz without my consent and I kept quiet. Now he is rushing to the media to make sensational claims like this. Is this how people settle debts?" said Sikhonjwa.

Sikhonjwa added that he would be opening a fraud case against Kwinjo for trying to use the media to extort money from him.

"This is fraud and I am opening a case against him. I will also be suing him for defamation of character. If he is confirming that I gave him a BMW 318 and that he sold the wreckage then I don't know what his problem is and where the story lies. I have proof of all the transactions and deals so if he is taking this route then the law shall handle it," fumed Sikhonjwa.

Source - sundaynews