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Flash back: Colonialists activities in Bulawayo re-emerge

by Stephen Jakes
04 Oct 2017 at 16:17hrs | Views
This photo shows the town of Bulawayo in Rhodesia with a number homes, shops and military buildings on display |
Interesting photographs of scenes and activities of the colonialists in the 1890s to 1900 have resurfaced showing how the Cecil John Rhodes led contingent of over 4000 settlers invaded Bulawayo to force and take charge of the resources.

The resistance of exploitation and all forms of oppression which seems to be currently griping the country did not start now but started in the 19th century when the majority blacks resisted Cecil John Rhodes' establishment of  British Control in then Rhodesia.

Pictures which have been published on the British owned publication Daily Mail show the various stages of the the Scramble For Africa caught on film with fascinating 19th century photos showing Rhodes' bicycle-riding troops and the warrior tribe opposing them in fight for land which became Zimbabwe

According to the article on the Daily Mail online the pictures were taken between 1896 and 1900 when Cecil Rhodes was establishing British control in Rhodesia.The photos were reportedly taken by photographer W. Rausch during the Scramble for Africa.

Among the photos are soldiers from Rhodes' British South Africa Company at a lookout with ammunition around their necks poised for resisting any challengers.

"There is also the remarkable sight of troops lined up on bicycles and an imposing fort in the hills. A touching photo shows soldiers rustling through a pile of mail to find letters from their loved ones," reported the Daily Mail.

"The photos, taken by W. Rausch who ran a studio in the town of Bulawayo, were captured during the 'Scramble for Africa' when European nations were vying for control of the continent and its resources. Specifically, the troops in the images were fighting in the Second Matabele War, which pitted the British against the native Matabele tribe."

The narration states that in March 1896, the Matabele revolted against the authority of the British South Africa Company.

"The Mlimo, their spiritual leader, convinced his people that the 4,000 settlers were responsible for the drought, locust plagues and the cattle disease ravaging the country at the time. Bulawayo came under siege but British troops were sent to defend the major settlements, with war raging on until October 1897," reported the Daily Mail.

The publication stated that this image archive remained in Zimbabwe until recently when it passed into the safekeeping of a vendor in Berkshire with links to the country and it has now emerged for auction and is tipped to sell for £5,000.

"Chris Albury, of Dominic Winter auctions in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, said: 'The archive had been in Zimbabwe until quite recently and is owned by a family with links to both Britain and Zimbabwe," reported the Daily Mail.'

The images exposes the way how Africans were treated as their own exploiters by being used to develop the city of Bulawayo where better places were reserved for the whites while they were relegated to squalid residence.

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