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Undeserving attacks - Nelson Chamisa this, Nelson Chamisa that! - Hwende

by Stephen Jakes
05 Oct 2017 at 09:04hrs | Views
An MDC-T official Chalton Hwende has described the current emerging attacks on party Vice President Nelson Chamisa as undeserving.

He said the rise in mudslinging, blackmailing and assassination of my character through lies and planted stories‬ seems to have become the new normal.

"The decibels of attacks & antics of soiling of my person through manufactured diatribe and planted false stories won't bother me, it actually strengthens my resolve. I 'm inspired by the instructive story of Joseph and how he was disliked by own brothers in the Bible.‬ Joseph was sold to Potiphar of Egypt via the Midianites. Little did the brothers know that they were promoting him instead of demoting him," he said.

"As for me, no amount of vilification or negative framing by detractors, doomsayers and naysayers shall extinguish God's illuminating flame set ablaze within me. I sense that the present is exciting and the future will be brighter than one can actually imagine. Many have suggested that I react to spewed out garbage and negativity but I deem it not necessary. I consider it immature and amateurish to chase after every kite."

He said more often than not, it's just a waste of time to respond to contrived cheap propaganda, mendacity, name-calling and falsehoods.

"For example, if one accuses me of being a snake why must I dignify the nonsense with a response by attempting to demonstrate that I am a mammal not a reptile. When they call me a snake why must I hiss? I suppose they attack me not because I am weak but because they perceive me to be their strongest opponent. I am praying for them (my haters & opposers) to have peace and tranquility so that they also sleep and rest at night," he said.

"I appreciate criticism where it is due and merited. Criticism is the source of all perfection and improvement in life. I love it particularly when it is anchored on facts and my own omissions and commissions as opposed to some fictions and imaginations. To those who encourage, believe in and pray for me....thank you so much for being the source of my glow, flame and inspiration. I pray that God blesses you in all your endeavors and pursuits of life!!"

Source - Byo24News