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10 days to Mugabe's Death day - Pastor Mugadza in danger

by Stephen Jakes
07 Oct 2017 at 12:10hrs | Views
Today is ten days before the day which was prophesied by Philip Mugadza as the death day of President Robert Mugabe.

Mugadza prophesied that Mugabe will die on October 17 this year a development which led to his arrest and his case is still pending in the courts. He had filed an appeal at the constitutional court challenging his prosecution but the ConCourt dismikssed his application last week.

If what he said was any thing to go by Mugabe is just left with 10 days to live today and if the message was helpful to him he would simple repent and wait for the day. However, if the prophecy turns out to be lies this means Mugadza is in danger of making false prophecy worse for that matter about the head of state.

Two Malawian Prophets have some time made such prophesies which turned out to be false insinuating that people might be eagerly wanting the President to die.

However it is unAfrican for people to wish someone even their enemies dead but this seem to be the case with the President whom several instances when he goes for leave in the Far Easy there are reports that he has died. He has even joked that he Jesus died once and resurrected once but he has died several times and resurrected many times.

Mugabe has already been declared a candidate for the ruling party next year when he would have turned 94 years amid squabbles among party members jostling to succeed him.

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