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Mthwakazi party blames Mugabe for tribalism

by Stephen Jakes
12 Oct 2017 at 06:53hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said if truth be told President Robert Mugabe and his party created tribalism in 1963 when they connived to break away from ZAPU which was a unifying force then.

The party said Mugabe sowed a seed of tribalism, unfortunately for him God promised us in the Bible that what ever they sow them shall reap, if they sow good we reap accordingly.

"Mugabe sowed tribalism, corruption, regionalism, system of patronage and hatred now he is reaping together with his evil brothers and sisters, they thought they were clever then. It has come to our attention that Robert Gabriel Mugabe's 1979 Grand Plan has back fired to the extent that it has become so uncontrollable, that even the authors of the Satanic idea meant to eliminate the Ndebele people most of whom have since died have regretted their evil plan. ZANU PF party is today burning with serious tribalism as the Zezurus are now fighting a bitter war with the Karangas, as the Manyika are divided between the two major Shona tribes, as well as other Shona dialects. The issue of tribalism has become a single biggest threat to peace in this country," said the party.

"As we speak the same problems affecting ZANU PF are also affecting all other so called National parties like MDC-T which is now on the verge of yet another tribal influenced split, PDP which have already split on tribal grounds, same as ZimPF, NPP and so on, the security sector in the country is divided on tribal grounds, government of Zimbabwe is being run on tribal and factional grounds, even ZANU PF campaigns are based on tribalism. In Shona they say "chawakadla chamuka" loosely translated in English as " the past evil deeds of yours have come back to hunt you."

The party said Zimbabwe was built on fault foundations, it was built on hate, tribalism, corruption, genocide, human Rights abuses and nepotism.

"Mugabe became a demi-god, who was made a Constitution, the way and the life, Shona people then forgotten that Mugabe is only a human being just like any of us and one day he will die like those he has killed. Now the worst is about to happen and things are falling apart the centre can't hold. The initial idea was that all the Shona dialects will unite under the leadership of the Zezurus while they wipe away all the Ndebeles. The 1979 grand plan was never meant for the Zezurus, Manyika, Karanga, Korekore, or any other Shona tribe, it was specifically to eliminate the Ndebele and the White people but now it is back firing while we watch as Shona people are a now fighting each other like nobody's business, as Mthwakazi is marching on towards her peaceful Independence, now is the time," said the party.

"The committee of 26 that was running ZANU PF had representatives from all Shona dialects only the Ndebeles and the White people were not represented there. The idea worked very well in the initial stages of Zimbabwe's Independence in 1980 as it was immediately implemented. As early as 1981 influential Zipra cadres had already started disappearing, Ndebele people in government were being harassed and threatened to quit their jobs and many complied and ran away to other countries especially South Africa where most Zipra and ZAPU cadres had connections with uMkhonto weSizwe, they immediately joined ANC and UMkhonto we Sizwe."

MRP said the Zanla cadres who had taken over the leadership of the army, started random killings of Ndebele officers through touchering and forced disappearances, and so on.

"This happened with the full knowledge and blessings of the British as rightly exposed by the diplomatic cables that have since been made public, the British then used to hear no evil or see no evil against Mugabe as they were fighting Nkomo and ZAPU thinking that Mugabe and his cult were better devils. This was followed by Gukurahundi genocide that has been in operation since 1980 albeit in different forms ranging from torturing, maiming, raping, killing, economic marginalisation and so on," said the party.

"The idea of eliminating Mthwakazi people in their forefathers land almost worked, since for over 30 years the Shona people have managed to retain, and maintain their rule over us through Mugabe for over 37 years. They have managed to kill over 50 000 of our people, maiming thousands, thousands more have been displaced and continue to be forced out of their forefathers land through many forms of inhumane treatments. Some ten years back no one ever thought that it was possible that a political party like MRP could be formed and be launched, but we are operating like any other. Our major aim is to reverse all the evil gains of the 1979 Shona Grand plan. MRP is here to restore, protect, preserve and promote Mthwakazi people's interests. We are for peace and Justice in our life time, it is up to ZANU PF and all Shona people to make sure that they choose peace over violence returning what belongs to us in a peaceful manner, will serve all of us from unnecessary confrontation."

Mthwakazi Republic Party said it is not a tribalist party as some propagandists are claiming, they are just being realistic about what they find ourselves in.

"We have lost our prime land to Shona people, we lost control of all our natural resources, we have lost employment opportunities in our territory, we almost lost our culture, tradition and customs, we have lost control of everything in Mthwakazi and when we complain we are labeled tribalists, we say to hell with that," said the party.

"MRP will continue to stand for truth, peace, and Justice for our people without fear or any apology. Mthwakazi is for uMthwakazi people nothing for us without us. Register and Vote Team MRP as we March closer to our Mthwakazi Restoration Referendum."

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