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Mukadota's fading legacy to be revived by grandson

by Staff reporter
09 Feb 2012 at 23:54hrs | Views
ZIMBABWEANS who had an opportunity to watch comedian and multi-talented Safirio Madzikatire who was known as Mukadota gracing our television screans in the 1980s agree that now one has been able to replace him.

But Mukadota's grandson, upcoming musician Solomon Madzikatire is working on a music album set to revive the fading legacy left by his late grandfather in both music and comedy circles.

In an interview Solomon, son to actor Elijah Madzikatire, revealed work was at an advanced stage with a local recording company that would see him redoing some of his late grandfathers popular songs.

Yes, I recorded a 12-track album titled Huya Tifare with Andy Browns studio and I have engaged Zimbabwe Music Corporation (ZMC) to do the marketing, but it appears they are taking their time, said Solomon.

The album contains some of my grandfathers popular songs such as Hunyani and Ndatenga Mota among others that I remixed and believe me, fans will like it especially those that loved Mukadotas music, said Solomon.

An official at ZMC confirmed working with Solomon on the album.

Its true we are working with Solomon Madzikatire on some of his late grandfathers songs on his album. He recorded the project at Andy Browns studio, so we are helping in making a few changes so the music is playable with a band at live shows, said the official.

I cant reveal much on the selection of the songs, but he is better positioned to reveal that kind of information. All I can do is to confirm working with him here (ZMC), said Dumisani.

The late Safirio, who inherited the name Mukadota from his well televised drama The Mukadota Family, produced popular tracks such as Ndatenga Mota, KwaHanyani, Katarina, Ndakapiwa musikana, among other hilarious and breath-taking songs.

Mukadota was so talented he dominated both music and drama circles on local television with his well-choreographed acts which earned him popularity. Many believe his standards have not been surpassed yet.

His supporting group was composed of the equally-talented Susan Chenjerai (Mai Rwizi) and dancer-cum-actor Elizabeth Taderera affectionately known as Katarina.

So good was Mukadota that even his son, Elijah Madzikatire, a talented actor in his own right, failed to make a mark when he attempted to take over with television series, Bhero Mukadota.

Even some of the best actors to have come from the country after the death of Mukadota such as Philip Mushangwe (Paraffin), Simon Shumba (Mutiro Wafanza), Lazarus Boora (Gringo) and Freddy Manjalima (Kapfupi) seem to lack the touch Mukadota had.

Source - ZimDiaspora