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Mugabe has failed citizens once again

by Stephen Jakes
13 Oct 2017 at 07:13hrs | Views
People's Democratic Party faction led by Lucia Matibenga has said  President Robert Mugabe has once again, failed the people of Zimbabwe at a crucial moment in their government induced suffering through appointment of dead wood cabinet.

The faction's spokesperson George Mkhwananzi said at a time when every Zimbabwean was looking forward to a reconstructive surgery to the country's battered economy, the President decided to use the opportunity presented by the cabinet reshuffle to deal with the succession crisis within the ruling party.

"Not that the PDP really expected much from the clueless Zanu PF led government that lacks both the diplomatic gravitas and the political creativity to turn around the economy whose collapse it presided over in the first instance, however, President Robert Mugabe was expected, despite his confirmed infirmity, to at least arrest the institutional collapse of organs of state, the liquidity crunch, the industrial output decline, the obscene unemployment levels, escalating levels of poverty, deepening vein of corruption as well as the burgeoning domestic and foreign debt crisis," he said.

"Instead of using the cabinet reshuffle to deal with all these national blizzards afflicting Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe chose to service the factional interests of the so called G40 for Zanu PF successionist purposes. What Zimbabwe needs right now is not the promotion of a recalcitrant Minister such as Ignatius Chombo from the pedestal of ruining local authorities to that of finishing off what is left of an ailing national economy; Zimbabwe urgently needs a functioning economy that will attract foreign direct investment into the country to help rebuild the collapsed infrastructure and lift the country from its multiple economic quagmire."

He said with the appointment of Ignatius Chombo, that Prince of Corruption who owns a third of all urban residential stands in Zimbabwe after corruptly using his position as Minister of Local Government for over a decade to amass personal wealth and property, the economy is sure to experience a massive capital flight and accelerated fiscal decline.

"One wonders what aging wisdom informed that kind of appointment together with many other such senseless elevations of indefatigable kleptomaniacs and doggy figures like Happison Bonyongwe, Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, who are now suddenly in charge of national key points which are way beyond their moral and professional standing. By the same vein PDP condemns the mindless retention of Dr Lazarus Dokora as Minister of Education who has practically failed to drive our education system's thrust for modern functional relevance," he said.

"The party is even more appalled at the retention of nonsensical ministry such as that of Psychomotor Skills which has failed to justify its relevance ever since it was created. More perplexing was the creation of a classical comedy in the form of the Ministry of Cyber Space. The existence of such a ministry is, while draining the national fiscus for nothing, an insult to the collective intelligence of Zimbabweans who will not benefit anything except to have their various freedoms as citizens curtailed."

He said for this reason we reject not just the cabinet reshuffle but the legitimacy of Zanu PF as an albatross to the country's economic revival.

"The cyclic nature of rottenness within the ruling party is such that no individual from within its ranks can bring about any meaningful change after being recycled for over 30 years. Under the leadership of President Lucia Matibenga, another Zimbabwe is still possible," he said.

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