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Zimbabwe govt authorises thieves (police) to swindle motorists at roadblocks

by Stephen Jakes
13 Oct 2017 at 12:52hrs | Views
Following complaints by some tourists that police tormented them at numerous roadblocks during a recent visit in Zimbabwe concerned citizens and foreigners have described the law enforcement agents as legalised criminals swindling motorists of their hard earned money on daily bases.

Shingi Murinyu said it is absolutely disgusting the way these "thieves" have been allowed to operate.

"This is something they've been told to do by the powers. Took a holiday to see family and friends n won't be doing that again soon. Everywhere police fleecing people. Won't advise anyone to go and drive in Zimbabwe. The police will spoil your trip," he said.

Clifford Khoza Nyaningwe said he understands that every station must make $650 per day otherwise station commander is replaced that is why police are a menace on the roads.

Alphious Chitambira said even himself preferred to take a bus than to drive himself becuase one end up spending more than the price he or she would spend when  buying a car on those ruthless poor police officers.

Tawona Sawe said "I am a Zimbabwean living in diaspora but I would never have vacation in Zimbabwe. When I think of a holiday in Africa let's just say Zimbabwe is not on my top of the list. The police are the worst in the world. They make Somalia police look like the Metropolitan police."

Dee Ml said "It's very sad indeed,l was also fined for overtaking a truck in chegutu and the cops never had a speed trap camera."

Nurjan Abdulla said "joys of Zimbabwe even the police are so desperate."

Themba Ndebele said "Survival of the fittest is the name of the game. The police keep all monies collected to pay for their operations and salaries. So they are robbing the citizens just what the government is doing. Criminals in uniform."

Innocent Khumbo Kanyerere said "That's not strange Zimbabwean police are too corrupt we spend too much money in Zimbabwe eve at the borders the ZIMRA officials are too corrupt."

"Even if your car is 100% they will still create something."

Karel Stander said "I have been to Victoria Falls in 2015 and 2016. I would like to go there again, but after being fined for numerous "offences" creatively designed by the Zimbabwe police, I'd rather visit neighbouring countries with similar attractions. Not all tourists are wealthy, and we have to save up to enjoy to visit an expensive (dollars in Zimbabwe) holiday in Zimbabwe. A hefty portion of one's budget then has to be "donated" to the police. It is important to abide by the laws of a country you visit, but it is unsettling to know, that even if you put in your best effort to obey all laws, you WILL be punished and treated as an unwelcome criminal. I hope to return to Zimbabwe if this situation gets rectified."

Melisa Chimbodza  said  its a pity how the people "we are, meant to look up to for safety are the ones we should actually avoid,I wish Zimbabwe would just start from scratch because honestly things have reached rock bottom, I was once fined $40 in the road block and when I asked them to confirm that according to law they can't give me spot fines I was replied aggressively."

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