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NPP member accuses Mujuru of pretending to be opposition yet she is still Zanu PF

by Stephen Jakes
14 Oct 2017 at 16:25hrs | Views
A member of the National People's Party Joyinani Mlilo has written a letter to the party Leader Joice Mujuru accusing her of pretending to be a leader of the opposition party when infect she is pushing Zanu PF agendas using the unsuspecting members.

"I am sorry to write to you but there is nothing I can do because we do not have an elected PEC in Harare. We gave each other positions in the instigation of your office as purported. I am quitting National People's Party with immediate effect," he said.

"You pretend to lead an opposition party but behind the scenes you work with the ruling party, Zanu Pf. You are a disgrace to change which everyone is longing for. I am very bitter and it is so painful to leave the party which I worked for from its inception long before you joined us. NPP (Zimpf) was founded on social media long before you joined us. You lied to the whole world that Dydimus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo wanted to oust you after failing to understand what they were saying that Dzikamai Mavhaire is a divisive character. I am not blaming anyone within the party but myself and you because we let the people of Zimbabwe down but the former being the chief culprit."

"I will miss everyone in NPP but not you, Samuel Sipepa the smuggled one, Sarapavana Mvundura, Dzikilo Dzikamai Madress. I will forever cherish the good times we had but every beginning has an ending. I personally wrote to you about the embezzlement of funds by your confused MDC-T reject Friday Muleya who has destroyed Harare Province the same way Zanu Pf has done to Zimbabwe but you acted as if you are baba Chatunga and converged a meeting to discuss about me saying "munhu makamuwanepi uyu". Is it wrong to tell you our grievances?"

He said John Mvundura tells people to fund the party where do Mujuru think they get those funds when everyone is surviving on less than one dollar per day?

"If we say something constructive your stupid bootlickers label us CIOs. I have since noticed that NPP is not for the people of Zimbabwe but the Nzous,you,Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire and that lawyer who have never won a single case in his career,"pachinzou chenyu".The people's party has become a heaven of positions only and nothing on the ground. If I am not telling the truth tell me one constituency or ward which is fully structured. When we talk of resources we do not mean money to feed our families but for mobilisation. We have used our resources for quite a long time now but you yourself do not even want to part ways with a single coin but you are the one who want to take Mr Robert Mugabe's position," he said.

"Your confidante Petronella Musarurwa was recently appointed by Mr Mugabe to the land commission and you said nothing about it,meaning you want to take everyone back to Zanu Pf through the back door but forgetting that not everyone in our constituencies knows that we are still Zanu Pf. We spent the whole day in April voting for our national top six including you and using our resources but you were given the powers to fire the treasurer we voted for,Mr Wilbert Mubaiwa and you did it. Mavhaire summoned all provincial chairmen on convention day and told them to say we went through the draft constitution,kunyepera vanhu.You promised to drill boreholes in St Mary's at a rally in Chitungwiza but you later said its Mubaiwa."

He said everyone who happens to see things in a different way in her party is a CIO, he do not know the meaning of those initials.

"If I want to go back to Zanu Pf I do not need anyone to take me there through the back door but myself only. People have exposed themselves for nothing and you know it. I brought those people whom you see everyday going to your farm squattered along Masvingo road before tollgate in November last year and you lied to them. A serious leader cannot dump the likes of Dydimus Mutasa,Rugare Gumbo, Temba Mliswa, Revesayi Mutede, Marakia Bomani, Jonathan Chando, Setfree Mafukidze, Ray Kaukonde, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Jealousy Mawarire, Jim Kunaka, Bright Matonga Wilbert Mubaiwa, Cuthbert Ncube,to mention but a few and believe in the likes of failures like Sipepa, Mavhaire and Mvundura," he said.

"I wish you good luck but as long party members do not have regalia,membership cards and so forth you are going nowhere. Zanu Pf gives people fertilisers and the like and you expect people to just go to the people nemuromo,its impossible munokuvadzisa vanhu mahara imi muchiguta. I have an audio of Mavhaire threatening Badza of Masvingo towards elections is that democracy? I am nothing in politics but I want to tell you that in my constituency,Harare South forget and smile you will never get anything except the tollgate which you can pass through going to your farm. Never ever take advantage of the situation and think that people will just vote for you for nothing."

He said if Mujuru gets time she must send her emissaries to Harare South and see what types of cars the youths are driving while Mvundura is commuting, so how can they bring such a person to NPP?

Source - Byo24News
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