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Youthful Nomboka in bid to up-lift Mhondoro-Ngezi

by Staff Reporter
30 Oct 2017 at 19:38hrs | Views
MDC-T Secretary for Mines Youth Wing Mhondoro-Ngezi in Zimbabwe Mr Kurebwa Javangwe Nomboka
MDC-T MHONDORO-NGEZI - Youthful Kurebwa Javangwe Nomboka (35), the current Secretary for Mines in the Chitungwiza Province Youth Wing of the MDC-T Party, which consists sections of the national delimitation zoned provincial areas of Mashonaland West in Zimbabwe, has vowed to put his country and people first, by refusing to scale-down his acts of humanitarian work and philanthropy in spite of the prevailing harsh socio-economic climate by going on with his promoting the development of Mhondoro-Ngezi district.

 "Since 2009 when I was voted Party Deputy Secretary for Chitungwiza Province Youth Wing I have vowed never to despise my office by consistently advocating for community developing projects which have since benefited many young women and youth in Mhondoro-Ngezi", said Nomboka.

In 2009, while working with the then District Chairperson for Mhondoro-Ngezi in the MDC-T Party, Mr Tavengwa Mukhunhkani, through his brainchild, dubbed the "Morgan Tsvangirai Presidential Youth Farming Program" Nomboka has assisted hundreds of local farmers who consist mainly of widows and young women and the youth. He has donated farming equipment, ox-drawn disc harrows, ox-drawn ploughs and seeds. This program is mainly being implemented through his "Morgan Tsvangirai Presidential Youth Farming Program" which has managed to continue funding Agricultural Shows in his area since 2009. Exhibitors at these Agricultural Shows continue to benefit immensely as they get a chance to enter the "Morgan Tsvangirai Presidential Youth Farming Program" where they compete and those from numbers 1-6 win the "Morgan Tsvangirai Presidential Youth Farming Program" agricultural prizes.

"Our 'Morgan Tsvangirai Presidential Youth Farming Program' has benefited a lot of our local farmers including women and youth in the livestock and cropping categories".

Recently in 2014, Javangwe was voted Secretary for Mines, Chitungwiza Province Youth Wing where he has since introduced new projects and renewed those other projects he has been committed to in his community upliftment agenda.

"We have passed our test of strength and have managed to stay on board despite the gruesome socio-economic upheavals that Mhondoro-Ngezi has had to go endure by further addressing the health economy of our district", added Nomboka.

A successful program he again started the "MDC-T Mhondoro-Ngezi Youth Wellness Program" which is assisting chronically ill members of his community without political partiality. Many can now access their medication quite easily a thing which has cost many their lives.

He further said that his people-centred "MDC-T Mhondoro-Ngezi Youth Wellness Program" already has a membership of slightly above 100 people while hundreds more others are benefiting outside membership for fear of political victimisation.

Kurebwa is a household name in Mhondoro-Ngezi. Standing side-by-side with his community in times of stress has been his passion. Bereaved members of Mhondoro-Ngezi seek support during times when they lose their loved ones. Javangwe has and continues to freely offer funeral assistance to the Mhondoro-Ngezi community.

This 2017-2018 cropping season marks the beginning of the second phase of the "Morgan Tsvangirai Presidential Youth Farming Program" where hundreds of local farmers are set to benefit from his farming inputs scheme.

Ngezi is a platinum group of metals-rich area and as Secretary of Mines, Nomboka is eyeing the introduction of a mining scheme which will see women and youth inclusivity in the local mining economy a move that will nonchalantly create employment and make the locals prosper financially.
Apparently Nomboka's team is busy preparing for his schemes so that any time from now community members of Mhondoro-Ngezi begin to benefit from the "Morgan Tsvangirai Presidential Youth Farming Program" before the rains hit the district.

Javangwe has sponsored tombstones for the honouring of the late fallen heroes of the Movement who died during the 2008 election violence. The likes of Jabulani Mtunzi and the entire MDC-T Provincial Youth Executive including Jamu Madya the Deputy National Secretary for Youth have been pivotal in the honouring of these fallen heroes. Bea Pingiti the Deputy Chair of Chitungwiza Province Youth Wing, Blessing Tangwara the Secretary for Youth Chitungwiza, Lovemore Maiko the National Treasurer for the MDC-T National Youth Assembly and Precious Mufahore and MDC-T Deputy Treasurer of the National Youth Assembly.

To date youthful Kurebwa Javangwe Nomboka has done notable community development projects on behalf of his community.

Source - Byo24News