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Drawing parallels between Robert Mugabe and Nkosana Moyo

by Nomazulu Thata
06 Nov 2017 at 10:51hrs | Views
This article is responding to Dumisani Muleya! "Nkosana best candidate available"

The American President Roosevelt once said: "We have come to the realization that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic freedom and security and independence. Necessitous men and women are not free men and women. People who are hungry and out of jobs are the stuff of which dictatorships are made."

 This statement can be true for Zimbabwe today. We have seen hyperinflation that dwarfed the German Weimer Republic in 2008. We have at present unemployment of about 90%. The country has no social political and economic direction. Zimbabwe can be high-jacked by yet another wolf in a sheep skin easily. The country is in great danger: a fertile soil for another recycled politician who will be worse than the present regime of Zanu PF. While the state machinery is swift to deal with dissent by any means in their disposal, the government of Zimbabwe is characterised by absolute chaos: The parallels between past Germany and present Zimbabwe are similar; the state in which Zimbabwe is today 2017, was the state Germany was in 1933 right up to the election of Hitler.

Nazi-Germany government was defeated by the allied forces composed of Western countries and Russia. Germany was split into two distinct countries with distinct different ideologies. The west part of Germany was then called the Federal Republic of Germany and the eastern part that was occupied by the Russians was called Democratic Republic of Germany. All civilized countries still ask insisting questions: how could it happen, a cultured country like Germany right in the middle of Europe could manage to perpetrate genocide and crimes against humanity of that magnitude. How was it possible that Europe would ever allow Hitler and the Nazi party to come to power? In Zimbabwe we should ask ourselves the same questions: how did Mugabe come to power: he rules for 37 years in the midst of all revolutionaries who were of high minds, spirit and integrity in the liberation struggle for independence?

Again most countries in Europe beginning of the Second WW2 made blind obedience to Hitler Nazi government. Historical events are catching up with them at global levels. Neo-Nazism has found in global platforms even in parliaments in some European countries and indeed in America. (Donald Trump?) To be fair in analysis: the western part of Germany, immediately after the defeat in 1945, embarked on historical corrective, a lot was done: perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity on Jews, on Slavs and Roma & Sinti, on communists, on roman Catholics, Germans who were mentally ill and disabled and the opposition, dissenting voices that condemned National Socialism were punished.. The government went further by making ground-breaking programs that targeted young people: they educated the nation at many levels of the societies even in schools, colleges and universities about the dangers of National Socialism in short – NAZI ideology.

In East Germany on the other hand, Nazism and its ideology was suppressed and was pushed under the carpet: GDR wanted to rebuild the nation without having to deal with its dark past. They never saw the danger of suppressing the heinous past crimes of their history. Neo-Nazism resurfaced immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Neo-Nazis are young born-free Germans who were born later after WW2 had ended. The resurfacing of Neo-Nazis is evidence of what is still to be done to eradicate Nazi-ideologies in the nation: The elections of 2017 in Germany gave the Alternative for Germany (AfG) a sounding 13% plebiscite. This development is worrisome to all civilized, progressive peoples of Germany. All their fingers are pointing to the fact that, very little was done by the Socialist East German governments to educate the masses about their NAZI past.

Those stories of genocide nature are taught in schools and all other institutions of learning as real as it was: The media is adequately used to inform and educate the people about the dangers of NAZI- ideology. The NEO-NAZIS in our midst passed on the ideology of Nazism to the next generations and the ideology has been glorified remained deeply entrenched in some hearts and minds of some sections in the German societies. Numerically the number of Neo-Nazis is very small but the effects could be lethal.

The Neo-Nazis: the so-called educated historians do try to temper with history: some scholars even want to go as far as to deny the atrocities that Nazi government committed during the WW2. To deny those crimes of genocide nature, crimes against humanity, what a human being is capable of; is to put global humankind in a much dangerous lane because history does repeat itself and is has repeated itself is some countries beginning with Europe, Asia and African continent. Today in Zimbabwe we seen the same scenario: VP Mphoko was elected to be deal with Gugurahundi issue by altering history: He said Gugurahundi was a Western ploy: a sinister ploy to trivialize genocide and crimes against humanity.

The methodological killings of hapless people: men women and children in Mathebelelands, Midlands and indeed in year 2000; 2005 to 2008 were reminiscent of the way Hitler-NAZI-German executed and exterminated its victims. In Germany Hermann Rauschingen was given executive powers to execute Slav people, prevent them by all means in his power any further increase of Slav race or even decimate them completely. In Zimbabwe President Mugabe gave then Security Minister Mnangagwa executive powers to decimate the peoples of Mathebelelands and Midlands and indeed all those Shona people who were members of Zapu PF under Comrade Joshua Nkomo.

Special lectures were arranged and delivered stating precisely that any nation either than the German race are inferior and be executed: exterminated with absolute efficiency: In the same way: in Zimbabwe either than the Shona people, Mnangagwa was given orders from Mugabe to decimate the Ndebele peoples as they considered them to be of inferior race: Mnangagwa went further, ever to be able to justify their killings: Mnangagwa called Ndebele people cockroaches. By reducing them to cockroaches it becomes easier for them to kill, maim and rape, after raping they killed those Ndebele-speaking, vulnerable women.

To this day questions do continuously insist why and how did it happen: in 1980s about thirty-five years after the WW2. Zanu meted crimes of genocide nature and the world does not utter a word about it. How does it happen that a government that is a member of the United Nations commits crimes against humanity: about 750 thousand people lost lives and livelihoods; world gives a lip comments and the world bodies move on? How does it happen that in the general elections of 2008, opposition party members people were murdered, maimed, raped, the world gives lip comments and they move on? How could a cultured nation of Zimbabwe right in the heart of southern Africa be responsible for such heinous crimes of genocide nature, crimes against humanity?

After the of 2017 German general elections that caused a political heat-wave, the peoples of Germany were shocked by the results and are introspecting any loop holes in their societies that evidently harbour segments of Neo-Nazi nature. Political parties across political divide, social media, and institutions of learning are pondering on how this party: Alternative for Germany got a sounding plebiscite: why and how they got their way into the German Bundestag. They want to establish the deep-seated root causes of national dissatisfaction so as to democratically be empowered to deal with AfD (Alternative for Germany) party.

In 1923 the German economic was marred by hyperinflation. When the government printed money, the prices of any item shot up two to three times within one hour. I November 1923 German Mark currency was: $1 to 4,000, 000, 000, 000:00 Deutsch Mark. Zimbabwe experienced this in 2005 to 2009, was even worse than Weimer Republic. Zimbabwe is at cross-roads: Mugabe is not able with his age to move forward: the opposition is in disarray. None in the opposition has the acumen to effectively solve social, political and economic problems bedevilling the nation.

Dear Mnumzana Dumisani Muleya,

Your article read: "Nkosana Moyo best candidate available." I hasten to say that I was one of the first people who welcomed the arrival of Dr. Nkosana Moyo in the presidential contest as the best candidate that we have in the opposition. I could be quoted in some of my articles that embraced Nkosana the moment he declared his up-coming elections as a presidential candidate. Having seen on video-press conference that Nkosana gave in Bulawayo I have become very much distrustful of him. I am trying to understand his political manifesto, economics; a territory that is not mine, however, I am deeply concerned about his lack of appreciation of history of Zimbabwe. The absence of emotions towards painful national issues and its healing: in my humble opinion, he falls far short of being the best candidate we have."

Looking at his CV, it will inform you that he is a man who has been a servant of International Finance Capitalist for a long time. Your choice of Nkosana as saviour of our economic problems could a problem to the nation for some reasons the coming years if indeed he assumes power: absolute power come 2018!

Let me be insolent or once and compare Dr. Nkosana Moyo versus President Robert Mugabe. When President Mugabe was nominated to lead Zanu PF in 1974: his credentials back then was his good English language proficiency, eloquence in speaking and had this international flare that frightened the commanders of the liberation struggle. According to the commanders in Zanu PF, Mugabe was the person for the high post in the future of Rhodesia to be Zimbabwe when it was born. He acquired several university degrees too, one of them being a law degree. He travelled extensively abroad and was the voice for the liberation of Zimbabwe on the Zanu PF side.

Those credentials sadly and seriously deleted his absolute lack of leadership skills; those skills he lacks to this day. Remember Zanu PF back then was deeply divided, a lot of infightings going on in the camps: killings and counter-killings took place to replace those who were deemed disobedient to the liberation causes. It turned out later to be tribal clashes and no ideological differences. But Mugabe had already cashed the leadership of the Zabu PF party. President Machel of Mozambique warned the commanders of Zanu PF about the mistake they made to choose Robert Mugabe as Zanu leader. We can now fall back to the wisdom of President Machel; he saw all this chaos in Zimbabwe coming. He must be turning in his grave.

Mugabe was fearful of the gun: we are told this by Edgar Tekere in his book. He rounded up all those commanders whom he thought could be troublesome in his rising up to power as leader and future President. He sent them to Mozambiquean prisons and they were fed like rats: something he gloats about time and again. In a nutshell the very commanders fought that bitter war for Mugabe and his family to be in power; Mugabe has systematically sidelined and even disqualified them as party members of Zanu. War veterans some of them have been fired from party and government. It is those commanders he is treating them like rats. He even threatened to put them into prisons: some are in and out of prisons today in 2017.

Mugabe is ruthless when dealing with opponents. The world in the West knew him as such and was admired by the western countries. Mugabe was a "blue boy" of the western countries, was given a Knight-wood by the Queen of England, and several countries honoured with doctorate degrees. So many politicians in Zanu who were deemed to be of any challenge to him were eliminated in various ways. The latest of his casualties is Solomon Mujuru, the person who pushed for his ascendancy to take leadership of Zanu in Mozambique; Mujuru stood by Mugabe and paved way to be the first President of Zimbabwe: in a nutshell, he was eaten up like all of them. Mugabe, most of his time in the struggle he was holed up in Maputo or he was travelling a globe- trotter freedom fighter and never was part of the struggle in the sense of the word.

Nkosana just like Mugabe is fearful person. He would rather "normalize and sanitize atrocities and genocide committed in this out of fear. Nkosana just like Mugabe who was holed up in Maputo while freedom fighters fought in the battle: He is holed up in Johannesburg while his foot-soldiers are doing door-to-door recruitment in his name. Nkosanan was once in the Zanu PF government, it will be impossible to rid him of the connections he established as Minister. Admittedly he knows Mnangagwa well, and praises of his smartness come from the interactions with him. He has made press conferences ever since he declared his candidacy, he is not courageous enough to face a sea of people before him, hence never had a single rally in his name.

Dr. Nkosana Moyo understands the world of economy. He holds a doctorate in physics and has held several international portfolios in the banking world. This elevates him to be one of the best brains in the country. His coldness and aloofness is a disturbing factor. Judging by the interview he made in Bulawayo where he exposed his connections to Zanu PF disqualifies him to be President. But it does not mean Nkosana will lose elections. Mugabe won elections by hook and crook in 1980 and thereafter. Why can't Nkosana Moyo not win elections with all his Zanu PF connections: any alliance in the Zanu PF ruling party is possible?

Nkosana failed to answer simple questions about Gugurahundi atrocities and how he was going to handle issues related to genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the current regime. But he was upfront in dealing with economic recovery, a territory he is qualified in and his vast banking experience he brings into his coming dispensation. Nkosana Moyo knows his numbers well, are on his figure t*ps. I am one of those who deeply fear Nkosana's administration. He will "normalize" and "sanitize" the horrors of genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated by Zanu PF regime. He told the nation that he will put the economy first and foremost. For someone like who fed on dialect materialism: Nkosana is a danger of the future of this country, his rule right from the start.

Nkosana is a "blue boy" of the international Finance Capitalists in Washing, London and Frankfurt. In his rule Zimbabwe can easily turn into victim of unfeted global capitalism. Nkosana honours criminals of the likes of Mnangagwa on one hand and on the other hand VP Mphoko falsifies the responsibility of murderers: Mugabe and his henchmen. Nkosana does not understand that the nation is emotionally battered by the past atrocities, instead he understands the language of the international stock markets: Wall Street, London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt: the World Bank trust Dr. Nkosana Moyo, he will do the "right thing" if he came to power in Zimbabwe.

Nkosana would like to shift the blame on victims of genocide and crimes against committed to all ethnic groups of Zimbabwe. He was asked how he was going to deal with our painful past: he will quickly made reference to atrocities done by Mzilikazi in the 1820s as his answer: Mathebeleland Gugurahundi atrocities were a reciprocate of Nguni attacks on Shona people in 1800: he says. But Mathebeleland or Mthwakazi is made up of several ethnic groups: My good question is did all those other ethnic groups: Sotho, Kalanga, Venda, San, Nambya invade the Shona populations in the 1830s? An attempt to equate the historical unique horrors to those of Mzilikazi invading the Shona ethnic groups is a sinister evasion of present day justice.

The reality, the subjugation of crimes against humanity and the genocide nature will never be forgotten and are unforgettable. This could be Nkosana's misjudgement of history: his albatross around his neck. This will hound him the whole of his presidency if he wins elections in 2018. Nkosana Moyo is duplicitous from the on-set! We shall yet to see more Marikina's in his rule than one in South Africa: one, which was bad enough. We shall follow his ascendency to power and hope Zimbabweans will not be an enslaved lot to serve the capitalists in the off-shores capital cities.

I pen off by quoting Mahatma Ghandi's seven deadly sins: The ones relevant to Nkosana are the following: "Politics without principles; Knowledge without character: Commerce without morality: Science without humanity." For Mugabe: its "Wealth without work: Pleasure without conscience: Worship without sacrifice."

I hope I answered your article that was insightful, Dumisani. I was on the same page too when I embraced Nkosana Moyo as presidential candidate.

Nomazulu Thata

Source - Nomazulu Thata