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Freedom Train rumbles into life

by Jamela
09 Nov 2017 at 11:33hrs | Views
The much anticipated People's Rainbow Coalition comes to life this Saturday at Stanley Square with four principals of National People's Party (NPP), People's Democratic Party (PDP), Zimbabwe United for Democrats (Zunde) and Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Dare) officially appending their signatures to a working document.

The four principals, Dr Joice Mujuru (NPP), Lucia Matibenga (PDP), Farai Mbira (Zunde) and Gilbert Dzikiti (Dare), a fortnight ago initialised the memorandum of understanding which was to pave way for the signing event due Saturday.

Using their symbol as a blue train, is due to its nature of strength and forcefulness, its ability to carry all and sundry to their destination, in this case a new Zimbabwe Coalition partners believe the 'freedom train' is the appropriate symbol to explain their agenda, as expounded by PRC slogan: 'The freedom train has arrived'.

PRC co- secretary general Gorden Moyo said all systems are set for an auspicious event that will be attended by ex-freedom fighters, captains of industry, among others. The preliminary will be a roadshow around the city tomorrow.

"The People's Rainbow Coalition (PRC) is set to officially lauch itself on Saturday 11 Nov at Stanely Square.

"Invited guests include foreign diplomates, civil society, members of the academia, the clergy, captains of industry, ex freedom fighters as well as other opposition parties that share the PRC' s normative values.

"The proceedings shall begin with the formal signing of the PRC Agreement followed by the Inaugural Speech from the Presidential Candidate Dr Mujuru.

"The day shall focus on three critical issues in the country ie worsening economic and social conditions; Voter Registration; and the PRC's vision of an inclusive economy. Byo is ready to receive PRC with its both hands," said Moyo in a statement.

The PRC is the third coalition after Coalition for Democrats (Code) and MDC Alliance and hopes to utilise its president Mujuru's liberation war credentials to create a fomidable outfit that will challenge Mugabe and Zanu Pf in the 2018 elections.

Last week, PRC compatriot Dzikiti all but heaped praises as he endorsed Mujuru, saying that she is "the best candidate" to take on Mugabe.

"Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru, the People's Rainbow Coalition Presidential candidate is "the best candidate to take on Mugabe.

"She is definitely ready, confident and comfortable to lead the transition and Zimbabwe as the second president of the Republic. She has the expertise and experience of office and is knowledgeable of office challenges, protocol and etiquette. Her liberation war credentials and progressive agenda makes her acceptable across all ages and generations in Zimbabwe. She is ready to govern and has been ready to serve since she was vice-president of the Republic of Zimbabwe," he said.

Source - Jamela