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Mugabe making all efforts to make his dynasty work

by Stephen Jakes
10 Nov 2017 at 09:45hrs | Views
Former ZBC presenter Eric Ramsley Knight has said the political dynamics unfolding in the ruling Zanu PF are President Robert Mugabe's efforts to make his dynasty work after his death.

"Igwe (Mugabe) must hear this. He is clearly taking every step to try and ensure that a Dynasty is firmly established in my country. Whether this will succeed or not depends on several factors but the main one being that we are allowing it. Unless some hot-headed soldier shows concern and refuses to endorse what is happening, then before you know it you may see a one Party state soon," he said.

"This may not be the last President from Igwe's family to rule Zimbabwe. Next, on the firing line, I smell people like Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere and Chombo.

"Their sell by date is coming. I know they are riding on Madam Igwe's back right now scheming that when Igwe goes we pounce because Madam would be toothless by then but hey, Igwe is very much aware of that believe me.

"So be careful about who is using who. You may think you are using madam yet it's you being used.

"All stakeholders need to stand up and be counted now. Don't say the MDC should take advantage, why MDC only?

"He said even the real Zanu PF and real ZAPU, our respectable wings that emancipated us from colonialism in 1980 The churches, the Civil service, the Electorate, you and me must all now come to the table.

"By real Zanu PF, by the way, I mean the one that won the 1980 Elections fairly, the one that was guided by the real Chimurenga values and principles that our brothers and sisters fought for. The one that in conjunction with ZAPU were the mother bodies of the military wings Zipra and Zanla respectively.

"The one that was characterised by Freedom Fighters, not the one that we see today characterised by Fighters of freedom, looters and thieves. Meanwhile, again let's continue to pray for Morgan Tsvangirai.

"He is alive and still undergoing treatment, contrary to sill rumours again that were being peddled from the pit of hell today. Get well soon Mudhara!" he said.

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